Hall of Fame

About the Hall of Fame

Inaugurated in 2014, the IAF Hall of Fame celebrates members who have worked hard to advance both our profession and our association.  It recognises individuals who have contributed to our field of practice and who have served the association in some extraordinary way.

Members of the Hall of Fame must have:

  1. Been a IAF member for at least 8 years; 
  2. Made ‘significant contributions’ to the field of facilitation;
  3. Shown a high level of dedication and service to the Association.

The term ‘significant contribution’ is defined as having advanced the profession of facilitation by: adding to the body of knowledge in the field through publication or through social media channels; offering wide-spread facilitation training and mentorship; conducting and disseminating research on the science of facilitation; or through promotion of the power of facilitation.

A high level of dedication to the association could include serving on the IAF Board of Directors or on one of the many committees or working groups, through volunteer activities and through the promotion of the IAF that is above and beyond that expected of normal active membership.

IAF Hall of Fame Inductees

The current nineteen (19) inductees to the IAF Hall of Fame are listed below, followed by their region.


  • Sharon Almerigi
  • Jim Campbell
  • Maureen Jenkins
  • Pamela Lupton-Bowers
  • Tony Nash
  • Ruth E. Nicholson
  • Ng Choon Seng
  • Penny Walker

Read the full announcement. 


  • Kimberly Bain
  • Janet Danforth
  • Barbara Mackay

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  • Nel Mostert (Europe, Middle East & North Africa)
  • Carol Sherriff (Europe, Middle East & North Africa)
  • Dorothy Strachan (Canada)
  • Michael Wilkinson (USA)

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  • John Butcher (Canada)
  • Malin Moren (Europe, Middle East & North Africa)
  • Larry Philbrook (Asia)
  • Rhonda Tranks (Oceania)
  • Sunny Walker (USA)


  • Nadine Bell (USA)
  • Gilbert Brenson-Lazan (Latin America & the Caribbean)
  • Ann Epps (Asia)
  • Martin Gilbraith (Europe, Middle East & North Africa)
  • Jo Nelson (Canada)
  • Theresa Ratnam-Thong (Asia)
  • Keith Ryall (Oceania)
  • Dr. Sandor Schuman (USA)
  • Bill Staples (Canada)
  • Dr. Tom Schwarz (Oceania)

Click here for the biographies of each Hall of Fame inductees.

Process for Nominations

Nominations to the Hall of Fame are received by the Vice Chair, who coordinates their consideration by the larger Board. Unanimous Board support is required for each inductee.

The process for identifying and approving inductees is as follows:

  • Call for nominations is made to the IAF membership from the IAF Vice Chair 
    • Deadline for nominations 2020: 13 September 2020 
  • The Vice Chair reviews the nominations to ensure qualifications are met and puts the nominations to the Board for discussion
  • The Board approves the list of accepted inductees 
  • Inductees are contacted 
  • Inductees are announced during Facilitation Week #FacWeek, the week commencing October 19th 2020.

Nominations will be received by the Board, coordinated by the Vice Chair, and provided to the Board for consideration. Unanimous Board support will be required for each inductee. A maximum of 10 members will be inducted each year into the Hall of Fame. 


Nomination package

If you would like to nominate someone for this prestigious award you must submit a nomination package with the following information no later than September 13, 2020.

Click Here to Download Nomination Package

  • The inductee’s information including;
    1. Name
    2. Region/location
    3. Number of years of active membership
    4. Phone
    5. Email address
    6. Business address
    7. Qualifications (CPF or other)
  • Contributions to the IAF
    1. Specific leadership roles taken, governance positions held, membership on committees, activities undertaken, actions and promotions completed, etc.
    2. Reflections on the role this person has played in the development and prosperity of IAF and of the profession of facilitation.
    3. Documentation that provides evidence of contribution to the ‘field of facilitation’.
    4. Activities that provided training/support/mentoring/coaching to peers (individually or in groups).
    5. Scholarly activities that contributed to the body of knowledge in our profession
    6. Publication of facilitation related works
    7. Participation in professional development (conferences, courses, workshops, etc.)
  • Documentation that provides evidence of consistent excellence in the field
  • Letters of support from two peers

Download Criteria Definitions for Assessing Nominees to the IAF Hall of Fame