Methods Library

With almost 500 methods for you to discover in a user-friendly platform, finding methods for workshop design, facilitation and group processes has never been easier.

The purpose of the IAF Methods Library is to serve facilitators by gathering and making accessible a breadth of facilitation methodologies and techniques. Its purpose is to make knowledge about facilitation much more widely available.

Who can use the IAF Methods Library?

Members and non-members alike can use the Library, but the majority of methods are only available to IAF members, as a substantial benefit of membership in the International Association of Facilitators.

If you are a member, log in to SessionLab using your IAF login name and link your SessionLab account to the IAF Library to get access to all methods available to you as a member.  Not a member yet? Join us.

What does the Methods Library offer?

Long time members of the IAF will remember the IAF Methods Database, created by Jon Jenkins in 2004. In 2017 this database moved to a new platform in SessionLab. Since then the IAF Methods Library is offered in partnership with SessionLab.

IAF Library methods are categorised by a focus such as Understanding Issues, Solving Problems, Making Decisions, Planning, Managing Difficulties, Warm-ups, and Generating Ideas. Filters, keyword and #tag searches can be applied to the database.

Access Facilitator Gym Sessions 

You can watch our past Facilitators' Gym session recordings on our page.

Access the Methods Library


How members access the full content of the IAF Methods Library:

IAF members follow these steps to gain access to the full content of the IAF Methods Library and to be able to contribute:

  1. Login to your IAF account.
  2. Login or create your SessionLab account with your IAF account name.
    (A SessionLab Basic account is sufficient to access the IAF Library)
  3. Link your SessionLab account to the IAF Library,
  4. This Methods Library Guide demonstrates your account set up step by step.

How will the Methods Library grow and stay relevant?

The short answer is: “Through our members.” IAF members are invited to contribute to this facilitation knowledge resource. You can add new methods, comment on existing ones, and mark your favourites. See our How to Guide to understand how to add a method to the IAF Library. 

Explore SessionLab

SessionLab is hosting the IAF Methods Library as our partner. They also offer a public library and a Session Planner tool that allows you to create session plans and import methods from the libraries into your session plan.

As an IAF member you will sign up to the SessionLab Basic account for free. The SessionLab Pro account comes at additional cost and allows you to collaborate with others on your session planning and to export session plans to various document formats.

Access the IAF Methods Library.