Everything we achieve at the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) is fuelled by the passion and energy our volunteers bring.

Get involved

Volunteering is an opportunity for you to:

  • make a difference in the lives of others
  • contribute your expertise to promote the power of facilitation
  • learn new skills and build your confidence
  • gain experience in leadership and governance roles
  • build relationships with facilitators around the world and grow your network.

Examples of how you can get involved include volunteering to:

  • host webinars to share expertise
  • help organise global, regional or local events
  • take on a leadership role in a regional leadership team, chapter committee or special interest group
  • join the editorial team for the IAF Global Flipchart
  • join the team that organises and promotes Facilitation Week
  • join the team that runs the Facilitation Impact Awards
  • evaluate nominations for the Facilitation Impact Awards
  • promote the power of facilitation by increasing engagement on our social media channels
  • join the Nominating Committee that runs elections for the Board of Directors
  • stand as a candidate for a position on the Board of Directors.

To explore the opportunity that’s right for you, contact your:

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To learn more about what you can expect as a volunteer, read our Volunteer Policy

Kudos to all our volunteers

We recognise, appreciate and value the time, energy and expertise you have contributed to promoting the power of facilitation worldwide. Thank you.

Here’s what some of our volunteers valued

I served as a founding Board member of the Facilitation Impact Awards (FIA), and have continued to support FIA as an evaluator in subsequent years. Volunteering was a way to give something back to IAF, a community that has supported my practice in myriad ways. I chose to work on FIA because it celebrates the impact facilitation can have on people and organizations, and I’m excited that the awards continue to recognize excellence in our field. I built deep relationships with my colleagues on the FIA board, and I’m grateful to have had the chance to contribute to our profession.
Paul Cooper, CPF

It was a pleasure working with my Caribbean colleagues to develop and carry out the Trinidad and Tobago IAF Conference in 2016. Our intention was to present a conference with a Caribbean feel and yet maintain the principles and practices of other professional IAF conferences. I would highly recommend volunteering for IAF events and offerings as an opportunity to meet other like-minded colleagues and to be of service to the profession of facilitation.
Sharon Almerigi, CPF | Emeritus

The amount of learning I received while volunteering for the India Conference in 2019, on the Learning Wave committee of the India chapter during the 2020 pandemic and then during the Global Summit in 2021 is something I will cherish for a long time. Working with people across the globe, coming face to face with myriad cultures, learning conflict resolution at a whole new scale building lasting relationships all while honing my own facilitation prowess are only some of the benefits I have had. The IAF community is fantastic anyway. But coming forth as a volunteer shape and moulds you in a whole new manner. I would invite anyone who wants to grow themselves while being of service to the field of facilitation to definitely volunteer for any of the many opportunities available.
Shalu Bhuchar, Member