As a participatory organisation, our success is due to the many IAF members who volunteer their time, energy and expertise to promote the power of facilitation.

In addition to participating in IAF events, you can contribute your expertise by volunteering to help with events and initiatives or nominating yourself to take on a leadership role in the IAF community.

Current opportunities

Regional Leadership Teams

  • Canada Region Leadership Team – under the leadership of the Canada Representative on the Board, plan and implement IAF’s work across Canada. 
  • Africa Leadership Team - under the leadership of the Africa Representative on the Board, plan and implement IAF’s work across Africa.  
  • LAC Leadership Team - under the leadership of the LAC Representative on the Board, plan and implement IAF’s work across LAC. 
  • USA Leadership Team - under the leadership of the US Representative on the Board, plan and implement IAF’s work across US. 
  • Asia Leadership Team – join this well established and prolific team.  Under the leadership of the Asia Representative on the Board, plan and implement IAF’s work across the region. 
  • EME Leadership Team – join this well established and productive team of IAF members from across Europe. Under the leadership of the EME Representative on the Board, plan and implement IAF’s work across EME. 
  • Oceania Leadership Team - under the leadership of the Oceania Representative on the Board, plan and implement IAF’s work across Oceania. 

Communications and Marketing Teams

  • Global Flipchart Editorial Board – work with a team of members in planning, designing and writing articles for the Global Flip chart.
  • IAF Journal Editorial Board – meeting a few times per year, the Editorial Board reads papers submitted for publication, plans issue themes and writes reviews for this academic journal.
  • IAF Social Media Team – join a team of social media savvy members in promoting the power of facilitation worldwide. Members split the responsibility for various IAF social media channels.
  • IAF Marketing Team – under the leadership of the Board member responsible for Marketing and Partnerships work with a team of IAF colleagues to develop and implement a new marketing plan for IAF.

Strategic Initiatives and Conferences

  • IAF Youth Working Group – this is a planning and development committee looking at how to support young facilitators and how to increase the IAF presence with younger professionals.
  • International Facilitation Week Coordinating Committee – this committee plans, initiates and co-ordinates International Facilitation Week.  IFW is an open ‘crowd-sourced’ event designed to celebrate the power of facilitation world-wide. The committee’s role is to help promote the event, to encourage innovative ways to promote the week and facilitation, and to help IAF measure the growing impact IFW is having across the world.
  • Facilitation Impacts Awards Organizing Team – the Facilitation Impact Awards are the premier global facilitation awards. The organizing team annually manages the call for submissions, the review of submissions against set and robust criteria and the announcement and roll out of the awards. 
  • Facilitation Impacts Awards Global Team Lead – Team Lead for the FIA initiative Julia Donohue is joining the IAF Global Board as Treasurer. Interested in leading a solid team of professionals who are committed to the power of facilitation? Apply now for this important position.
  • IAF Global & Regional Conferences Committees - come join the organizing committees putting together our next exciting conference

Development and Governance Teams

  • IAF Fundraising Working Group – this working group will meet periodically to research and review funding opportunities for IAF and make recommendations to the Board of Directors. 
  • IAF Nominations Committee – this committee runs the annual Board elections, recruiting and vetting candidates, providing independent  over-sight and ensuring that the Association’s governance arm is duly elected by the members.  While recruitment is an ongoing job, the bulk of the Committee’s work happens between June and October.

To apply for any of these positions, or post a new opportunity here, please email office@iaf-world.org.

A huge thank you to all our volunteers

Many of you volunteered your expertise for IAF last year, helping to organise the Facilitation Impact Awards and regional conferences, leading workshops, governing the IAF, and sharing your expertise with the community. 

You are the backbone of the organisation. You drive us forward and inspire others in the profession. For everything you did for us last year, and continue to do this year, thank you. You're amazing!

Ongoing opportunities

IAF Board 

Join the IAF global Board of Directors. Elections for board positions are held each year in October, and if you're an IAF member you can nominate yourself as a candidate. We encourage all members to vote.

IAF events

There are many ways you can get involved at events:

  • joining regional or chapter committees or working groups
  • helping to organise IAF events such as conferences, professional development workshops or networking opportunities
  • running a professional development workshop in your area.

Contact your Regional Director or local chapter if you are interested in offering your skills here.

If you are interested in facilitating international conference workshops, watch out for calls for proposals in IAF Updates.

Facilitation Impact Awards

A project team is formed each year to manage the Facilitation Impact Awards (FIA). The awards are a great opportunity for organisations and, the facilitators they use, to demonstrate the power of facilitation.

If you are interested in joining the team or helping to evaluate nominations, contact the FIA Global Project Leader.


Apply to become a Volunteer. 

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Hear from our past volunteers

"Through my work as an IAF volunteer, I have been privileged to see the breadth and depth of facilitation in organizations around the globe. I enjoy having a role in shaping the facilitation profession. I encourage other members to consider volunteering their talents to support our organization."

Eddie Turner, IAF Member


"I served as a founding Board member of the Facilitation Impact Awards, and have continued to support FIA as an evaluator in subsequent years.

Volunteering was a way to give something back to IAF, a community that has supported my practice in myriad ways. I chose to work on FIA because it celebrates the impact facilitation can have on people and organizations, and I’m excited that the awards continue to recognize excellence in our field. I built deep relationships with my colleagues on the FIA board, and I’m grateful to have had the chance to contribute to our profession."

Paul Cooper, CPF


"This was my first experience volunteering to evaluate application for the Facilitation Impact Award. I was so impressed by the smooth and efficient process provided by IAF for this.

First we took part in a 1-hour web-based training event taking us through the evaluation questions and giving us examples to evaluate and discuss. The training made me feel much more confident about my role as an evaluator.

The work was spread out among a number of us, so I did not feel like it was a burden at all. Michael Wilkinson, the chair, was available to answer questions for me as I was going through the applications.

The best part was learning what facilitators in other countries are doing. I tend to have clients in the same or similar sector and it was so interesting to learn about other approaches and other challenges that groups are working through using skilled facilitation. It was truly a window on facilitation worldwide. I appreciated the opportunity to be part of the process."

Kathleen A. Paris, PHD, IAF Member


"It was a pleasure working with my Caribbean colleagues to develop and carry out the Trinidad  and Tobago  IAF Conference in 2016. Our intention was to present a conference with a Caribbean feel and yet maintain the principles and practices of other professional IAF conferences. I would highly recommend volunteering for IAF events and offerings as an opportunity to meet other like-minded colleagues and to be of service to the profession of facilitation."

Sharon Almerigi, IAF Member