IAF Asia Conference: Hualien, Taiwan

Thursday, 1 September 2016 - 12:00am to Sunday, 4 September 2016 - 11:45pm (America/New York)
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We welcome you to attend the 19th IAF Asia Conference 2016 in Taiwan!

We welcome you to attend the 19th IAF Asia Conference 2016 in Taiwan! As you know, the IAF Asia Conference is always a fun event jam-packed with learning opportunities, owing to the cultural diversity of participants, the variety of facilitation skills they bring to the table to share, and the deep connections they form with each other. 

This year, follow us to Eastern Taiwan, the most famous and special spot on the island. People can reach the high mountains from within 15 minutes of the ocean. There is much we can learn from this unique ecosystem, especially since our economic and social systems are likewise based on mutual interdependence. As facilitators or change catalyzers, what’s our new role in leading systemic change? How can we transform ourselves into adaptive facilitators or leaders in the systemic change process? 

About the conference

In a time of rapid change, the wisdom of the original people rings true. Look at the mountains, the valleys and the sea, from each we find different approaches, different beliefs and different gifts. To thrive in these times, we need to support each other to build strong communities and networks to move forward. We meet in Hualien to celebrate our diversity and our unity.

Hualien has a majestic natural setting on the east coast of Taiwan facing the Pacific Ocean where the land, the mountains and sea meet and the wisdom of the largest community of aboriginal people on Taiwan reside. When you listen, you might hear the waves crashing or birds singing while soaring above marble caves, or even sense the deep spirit that pulses through the “Heart of Asia” in Taiwan.

The 19th IAF Asia Regional Conference schedule is as follows:

  • August 30 & 31, Tuesday & Wednesday: IAF facilitator certification assessment
  • September 1-2, Thursday & Friday: Pre-Conference
  • September 3-4, Saturday & Sunday: Conference with concurrent sessions

Venue: Parkview Hotel Hualien



To register and for more information, go to www.iaf-taiwan.org