Reflecting Towards our Future - A webinar by Lawrence Philbrook, CPF,CTF.

Thursday, 16 May 2019 - 9:30am to 11:00am (America/New York)
2019-05-16 09:30:00 2019-05-16 11:00:00 America/New_York Reflecting Towards our Future - A webinar by Lawrence Philbrook, CPF,CTF.

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My own work with futures started many years ago with using scenarios in our facilitation work. ICA Taiwan and our colleagues across Asia based our research on Schwartz, P. (1996), The Art of the Long View and Peter Senge’s 5th Discipline to explore the work on the use by Shell Oil and others to help managers and leaders place themselves into several future options to prepare for whatever happens.

My first full experience was in working with a company in Taiwan in 1993 to facilitate the creation of 4 possible scenarios for their organization in 2003. It was a 6 month long project involving the teams discerning driving forces and best and worst case scenarios. In 1996 a situation happened very similar to one of their scenarios and because of the work two things happened quickly, one was that they assessed the issue/challenge more quickly than their competitors and the second was that they were able to put into place specific strategies quickly because they had “been here before” and prepared options. This is the power of FUTURES if we allow ourselves to imagine them.

My tendency and our tendency is to think of the future from our standing today, we tend to frame the future in three ways:

• Looking at the path of others “ahead” of us

• Assume basically a repeat of our current journey

• Denying that what might be coming

Each of these is in fact a trap. We are living in a time of such dynamic change that there is never one future ahead of us but one unfolding every day based on multiple strengths and weaknesses, issues and opportunities, global and local, personal and collective. One of my clients asks me to do a vision every time we work together because their organization, market and reality is changing so much that their vision is always evolving.

In this webinar we will explore a way to examine options and look for trends to help open the image of “futures” thinking.

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Lawrence (Larry) Philbrook (CPF, CTF) has been designing processes for teams and leaders in varied cultural settings for over forty years. Larry joined the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) in 1972 and has worked outside the US since 1977 doing extensive company and community-based projects in over 40 nations. For the past 27 years he has been the director of ICA Taiwan. President of ICA International from 2010-2012.

• Larry’s key skill is in tailoring designs and facilitation of processes to specific needs while helping to recover a sense of respect and trust as a basis for establishing organizations and communities that can learn and change. His clients include villages, communities of practice, government organizations, and more than 50 multinational and local companies across the world.

Interesting projects the past year include

• Hosting a global dialogue on leadership as a role in building and facilitating Authentic Community while exploring this in a cross-cultural context

• Completing his 10th year as a facilitator of a UN program on Appreciative leadership in UN offices in Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America. This includes work on developing leadership frameworks beyond the western context.

• Working with several multinational organizations to develop facilitative Agile leadership and change processes in Europe and Asia.

• Training facilitators from Taiwan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, India, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Ukraine, Russia, Malaysia, Singapore and USA

Working in a Community development context integrating organizational methods like Theory U and Transformative Scenario Planning in a community context with NDHU, NCKU and Yunlin Tech

Lawrence Philbrook, ICA Taiwan