Facilitation impact awards

The Facilitation Impact Awards honour excellence in facilitation and its positive, measurable impact on organisations around the world. The International Association of Facilitators (IAF) convenes the Awards to:

  • Promote awareness of the role of facilitation in achieving positive, impactful results;
  • Reward the use of facilitation within organisations and communities; and
  • Recognise excellence in facilitation practices.

The Facilitation Impact Awards were first organised in 2013 and took place as an initiative in the Americas. Materials related to the Awards are available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. The Association is working to develop a process to broaden the Awards to include other regions of the IAF. 

Nominations for the 2015 Awards are now being accepted until 10 August 2015. For more information, please visit the Facilitation Impact Awards website.

Structure of the Awards
The Awards are structured to be non-competitive and inclusive. All submissions that meet a given threshold of points receive an award at one of three levels: platinum, gold or silver.  

Applying for the reward is possible for facilitators who are employed by the organisation in which they serve (internal facilitators), as well as facilitators who work external to the organisation, for example, as consultants.

Some of the areas used to evaluate submissions include:

  • Organisational Benefits

Candidates are asked to describe the results achieved and how these helped the organisation advance its goals or desired outcomes. This can include both tangible outcomes that can be quantified (e.g. service increases to constituents, dollars saved, revenue gained, etc.) as well as intangible outcomes that can be described (e.g. increased morale, more effective processes, less friction, increased service to customer, etc.) 

  • Use of facilitation

Candidates are asked to describe the degree to which facilitation is integral to the success of the project.  For example, how appropriate was facilitation as an intervention for the client and the circumstances?

  • Quality of the facilitation

Candidates are asked to evaluate the quality of the facilitation used in the process. For example, were different facilitation approaches or best practice methods used by the facilitator to achieve project success? To what extent was the client-facilitator relationship productive and beneficial? Were innovative facilitation approaches used to ensure the project’s success?

  • Culture of Collaboration

Candidates are asked to reflect and report on the degree to which collaborative processes were integrated into the organisation's culture. For example, how broadly were employees and other stakeholders involved in the facilitated process?

  • Affirmation of the IAF's Statement of Values and Code of Ethics

Candidates must describe how the actions taken over the course of the project ensured that the facilitative processes used fully affirmed the IAF's Statement of Values and Code of Ethics

  • Special Circumstances

The evaluators are interested in learning if there were unique or challenging situations during the facilitation process. While not directly assessed, this can help evaluators better understand the project.

Past recipients
Below is a list of past recipients for the Facilitation Impact Awards held in the Americas and a sample of the impacts realised by each project. Each award recognises both the organisation and the primary facilitator. 

Platinum Award recipients include (in alphabetical order)

Organisation: The City of Calgary, Corporate Cultural Transformation Project (2014)

Facilitator: Ken Cameron, Lead Facilitator

Examples of demonstrated impact: A new definition of success for staff; A workforce focused on outcomes for citizens and working together to make that happen; Alignment of 20 different previously autonomous change initiatives


Organisation: Defense Intelligence Agency, Human Resources (2013)

Facilitator: Connie Morrow

Example of demonstrated impact: A savings of nearly $500K from a series of facilitated events exploring workplace issues with 230 employees.


Organisation: Hydro One (2013 Recipient)

Facilitator: Jim Rankin

Example of demonstrated impact: Management commitment to develop a core of fulltime, trained facilitators; 117 issues addressed directly with 300 employees


Organisation: KLA-Tencor Final Wafer Inspection Roadmap (2013 Recipient)

Facilitator: Ken Wells

Example of demonstrated impact: 19 innovative ideas generated and shared; Computing design improvements resulted in greater than 25% increase in performance.


Organisation: Newport City Renaissance Corporation (2013 Recipient)

Facilitator: Joel Mills, American Institute of Architects

Example of demonstrated impact: Over $200 million dollars in new investment and the creation of 2,000 new jobs; Significant transformation in collaborative culture and civic pride.


Organisation: Northwest Territories Dept. of Finance (2013 Recipient)

Facilitator: Leanne Tait, Tait Communications and Consulting

Example of demonstrated impact: Active and inclusive participation in the Budget Dialogue where stakeholders could track their contributions; Intention from the Department of Finance to make stakeholder discussions an annual part of the budgeting process.


Organisation: Oxford Properties Group (Upper Canada Mall) (2014 Recipient)

Facilitator: Tamara Eberle, Shawn Eberle, Traction Strategy

Example of demonstrated impact: A completely overhauled employee engagement program that has netted a 36% increase in UCM’s employee engagement score and resulted in 37- -50% increases in respective elements of the program; Faster integration of new employees; Better communication and cooperation across teams.


Organisation: Oxford Properties (2013 Recipient)

Facilitator: Tamara Eberle, Traction Strategy

Example of demonstrated impact: Employee grievances down 50%; 13 internal staff promoted or advanced in their career paths; 79 new recognition awards given to staff for showing initiative.


Organisation: The United Illuminating Company - Safety (2013 Recipient)

Facilitator: Dorothea Brennan

Example of demonstrated impact: 44% reduction in lost time accidents; 43% reduction in at fault motor vehicle accidents; 79% reduction in the frequency of motor vehicle accidents.


Gold Award recipients include (in alphabetical order)

Organisation: AkzoNobel (2013 Recipient)

Facilitator: Trevor Durnford, Lorensbergs

Example of demonstrated impact: Creation of a strong leadership team with a sense of purpose and role clarity.


Organisation: Calgary Transit, a business unit of the City of Calgary (2014 Recipient)

Facilitator: Tracy L. McCabe, Lyndia Peters, Serena Shane

Example of demonstrated impact: Improved customer experience, better policy and process decisions; Inclusion of a client project in the Mayor’s initiative, “Transforming Government”.


Organisation: City of Mississauga (2013 Recipient)

Facilitator: Karyn Stock-MacDonald

Example of demonstrated impact: A cultural shift to innovation and collaboration that has "gone viral" in its success.


Organisation: Commissariat aux Langues Officielles (2013 Recipient)

Facilitator: Dominique Dennery

Example of demonstrated impact: A successful major transition in staff roles, responsibilities and work processes; Introduction of new systems with no interruption to client service.


Organisation: Foremost Farms, USA (2013 Recipient)

Facilitator: Donald Kerper, Misty River Consulting

Example of demonstrated impact: Reduced turnaround times from a highly variable 5 hours to a consistent 3 hours; Several million pounds of additional product sales, reduced per unit costs of production.


Organisation: KLA-Tencor Corporation (Benefits Changes project) (2014 Recipient)

Facilitator: Michael Gilbert, Glenn Hughes

Example of demonstrated impact: Increased employee understanding of how healthcare reform impacted them, what changed in KLA-Tencor’s plans, and how this affected their families and their choices; A record 92% “active” plan enrollment (10% higher than any previous years) thus minimizing “default” coverage.


Organisation: KLA-Tencor Global Customer Operation (2013 Recipient)

Facilitator: Brent Bloom

Example of demonstrated impact: Increased employee engagement (7%), increased customer satisfaction (7.7%), and established competencies, skills, and experiences for the General Managers undergoing development.


Organisation: KLA-Tencor HR (2013 Recipient)

Facilitator: Mike Gilbert

Example of demonstrated impact: Development of an effective Change Management strategy for a PeopleSoft upgrade initiative that affected 6,000+ employees, across 17 countries.


Organisation: KLA-Tencor Swift Division (2013 Recipient)

Facilitator: Glenn Hughes

Example of demonstrated impact: Created greater than 30% compound annual growth rate; Received KLA-Tencor's Operational Excellence Award.


Organisation: Mercy Corps (2013 Recipient)

Facilitator: Anna Young

Example of demonstrated impact: Increased efficiency in during team meetings, strengthened organizational culture, and innovative testing of methods for online collaboration.


Organisation: Montessori Leaders Collaborative (2013 Recipient)

Facilitator: Michael Randel, Randel Consulting Associates

Example of demonstrated impact: A shared vision among leaders from  previously divided organizations on how they can positively influence education reform in the United States.


Organisation: NASA (2013 Recipient)

Facilitator: Cynthia Miller Purposeful Solutions, LLC

Example of demonstrated impact: Establishment of a monthly internal report relaying information on Capitol Hill contacts to focus on the most important Members of Congress with targeted messaging; Improved office internal and external communication which resulted in broader dissemination of communication throughout OLIA, Elimination of duplicative effort and increased collaboration.


Organisation: Nationwide Insurance (2014 Recipient)

Facilitator: Jennifer Bentley

Example of demonstrated impact: 40 to 45% reduction in time and effort spent on initiating projects, netting a savings of about $1.3 Million in 2013. Earlier identification of issues in the project life cycle, as well as shortened project lead time enabling businesses to start realizing benefits earlier.


Organisation: Nationwide Insurance (2013 Recipient)

Facilitator: Hari Krishnan

Example of demonstrated impact: Gained Program Leadership consensus on problem definition, scope, technical approach, delivery approach and expected business value; Stakeholder alignment from the impacted areas of the five different product areas including subject matter experts, IT leadership, business partner.


Organisation: Oxford Properties Group (Square One Mall) (2014 Recipient)

Facilitator: Tamara Eberle, Shawn Eberle, Traction Strategy

Example of demonstrated impact: A completely redrafted, strategic and detailed Maintenance Program

Documented knowledge from an aging workforce; 16% increase in SQ1 employee engagement scores.


Organisation: Penn State University (2013 Recipient)

Facilitator: Barbara Sherlock

Example of demonstrated impact: Use of facilitation and facilitators in University improvement initiatives and planning, over 1000 innovation teams have been formed, approximately 1000 volunteer facilitators have attended training, and numerous units across the University.


Organisation: SchoolWorks (2013 Recipient)

Facilitator: Tierah Chorba, Leadership Strategies

Example of demonstrated impact: Client schools  better poised to meet the needs of thousands of students through their skilled facilitation of the prioritization session process.


Organisation: The United Illuminating Company - Diversity (2013 Recipient)

Facilitator: Dorothea Brennan

Example of demonstrated impact: Agreement on the purpose and approach for the Diversity Planning Session; Several initiatives in support of diversity including the creation of a video of UIL employees discussing their experiences with diversity in the company used by the CEO in his Annual State of the Business meeting.


Organisation: The United Illuminating Company - Move Captains (2013 Recipient)

Facilitator: Dorothea Brennan

Example of demonstrated impact: Relocated the company’s 1100+ employees and 400-600 tractor trailer loads of inventory from six locations without a safety incident; Vice President reported 95% of employees back to 100% by noon on the day of the move.


Organisation: University of Toronto (2013 Recipient)

Facilitator: Jo Nelson ICA Associates

Example of demonstrated impact: “Uncontentious structural change” in a major institution; Shift from top-down decision-making and silos toward a collaborative culture.


Organisation: York County Economic Alliance (2013 Recipient)

Facilitator: Lynda Randall New Level Advisors

Example of demonstrated impact: 9 school districts established business advisory committees; 8 districts defined new processes to expand their outreach to the employer community.


Organisation: York University Development Corporation (2014 Recipient)

Facilitator: Donna Hinde, The Planning Partnership

Example of demonstrated impact: A community-led vision for the future of the York University Keele Campus; Use of the decision-making framework of the Master Plan to assess and develop new on-campus projects.


Silver Award recipients include (in aphabetical order)

Organisation: 4-H Youth Development Programs of Macomb, Oakland and Wayne Counties (2013 Recipient)

Facilitator: Christy Hicks, IAF Certified Professional Facilitator

Example of demonstrated impact: Four-fold increase in the number of volunteers being trained; Substantial expansion of the organization’s capacity to deliver high-quality youth programs; Significant cost savings by eliminating redundancies in training initiatives across the three counties.


Organisation: Bobby Dodd Institute (2013 Recipient)

Facilitator: Not awarded (facilitator in the FIA Planning Team)

Example of demonstrated impact: A shared vision and plan for fulfilling Bobby Dodd Institute's mission.


Organisation: KLA-Tencor Corporation, Customer Group (IP Facilitation) (2014 Recipient)

Facilitator: Glenn Hughes, Ken Wells

Example of demonstrated impact: Continued excellent track record in protecting customer IP; Creation and delivery of the Protecting Customer Sensitive Information workshop to 611 participants in 13 regions in nine months.


Organisation: KLA-Tencor Corporation, Customer Group (Level 5 Certification) (2014 Recipient)

Facilitator: Glenn Hughes

Example of demonstrated impact: Identification of key criteria for Level 5 certification; User-generated definitions of Level 5 criteria; Acceptance/approval of program by key stakeholders.


Organisation: KLA-Tencor Wafer Inspection (2013 Recipient)

Facilitator: Glenn Hughes

Example of demonstrated impact: Recognition from external customers and internal partners, won KLA-Tencor’s

“Outstanding Talent Achievement Award”;  84% of the team members be promoted to key roles throughout the company.


Organisation: Ministério do Desenvolvimento (2013 Recipient)

Facilitator: Joao Orlando

Example of demonstrated impact: Simplification of procedures that directly impact Brazilian entrepreneurs; Creation of subsidies for the formulation of guidelines for a National Entrepreneurship Policy.


Organisation: Tata Consultancy Services (2013 Recipient)

Facilitator: Nidhi Srivastava

Example of demonstrated impact: Accelerated pace of growth on all fronts including revenue; number of customers and development of intellectual capital; Built buy-in and commitment of team towards a common vision.


Organisation: The Denver Foundation (2013 Recipient)

Facilitator: Larry Dressler, Blue Wing Consulting

Example of demonstrated impact: Development of a 10-year strategic plan using consensus as the primary decision-making method.


Organisation: University of Pennsylvania (2014 Recipient)

Facilitator: Valerie Patrick, CPF, Fulcrum Connection LLC

Example of demonstrated impact: Establishment of the first facilitative model of market engagement for the DOE Building Technology Office, the division that works on the buildings sector in the US; Engagement model fostered key projects from early prototyping to piloting and launched tools and approaches for the market; Facilitative approach engaged over 800 retrofit market stakeholder participants in 18 months.


Organisation: US Army Corps of Engineers Civil Works Directorate (2013 Recipient)

Facilitator: Julie Marcy

Example of demonstrated impact: Alignment of objectives across disparate water agencies, stakeholders, interests, sectors and all levels of government; 135 employees were trained from numerous areas within the Directorate.


Organisation: Winnipeg Child and Family Services Resource Program (2013 Recipient)

Facilitator: Angela Chotka, Chotka Consulting

Example of demonstrated impact: Greater accountability within the organisation;  better communication, ongoing improvement in leadership and management through the use of  more collaborative, facilitation-type techniques