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2016 Award Recipients

The award recipients appear below, select by country to view

Silver Awardee

Futurpreneur Canada
Culture and Values Refresh

Location: Toronto, ON; Canada
Project Owner: Terry Campbell, Futurpreneur Canada
Facilitators: Karyn Dumble, The Monarch Park Group

City of Mississauga
Mental Health Strategy for Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services

Location: City of Mississauga, ON; Canada
Project Owner: Shawn Matheson, Fire and Emergency Services, City of Mississauga 
Facilitators: Karyn Stock-MacDonald, City of Mississauga

Canadian Partnership Against Cancer
SUPER Workshop – Screening Underserviced Populations to Expand Reach Workshop

Location: Toronto, ON; Canada
Project Owner: Pam Tobin, Canadian Partnership Against Cancer
Facilitators: Kimberly Bain, Bain Group Consulting


Platinum Awardee

Oxford Properties Retail Group – Square One & Yorkdale Properties
“Innovate or Dinosaur”: A Collaborative Innovation Game

Location: Toronto and Mississauga ON, Canada
Project Owner: Elena Price, Oxford; Square One and Claire Santamaria, Oxford; Yorkdale
Facilitators: Tamara Eberle and Shawna Eberle, Traction Strategy

Gold Awardee

China Resources Gas Group Limited
Organic Growth Driven Facilitation

Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China
Project Owner: Wang Chuandong, China Resources Gas Group Limited
Facilitators: Kevin Hao Junshuai, Beijing Gene 100 Management Consulting Co. LTD

Platinum Awardee

Alfa Laval
Act with your Head, Heart, and Hands for Claims

Location: Søborg, Denmark
Project Owner: Jason Macellaro, Alfa Laval
Facilitators: Christina Hogan, Lorensbergs Organisationskonsulter


Silver Awardee

Together 260 - "A Team of Collaborative Work"

Location: Ecuador
Project Owner: Ing. Mariuxi Villacrés, Gerente de Sostenibilidad, Novacero S.A.
Facilitators: Beccy Torres, Sandy Espinel, Tayron Marinez - D&E Consultancy

Gold Awardee

Pernod Ricard Finland Oy

Location: Helsinki Finland
Project Owner: Tarja Uitti, Pernod Ricard Finland Oy
Facilitators: Mirjami Sipponen-Damonte, Xpedio Oy

Silver Awardee

Wockhardt Hospitals Ltd.
Service Assurance

Location: Mumbai, India
Project Owner: Dr Rajani Tewari, Group Head HR, Wockhardt Hospitals Ltd.
Facilitators: Vinisha Jayaswal, Anupinder Kaur, Ruru Mehta


Platinum Awardee

90-Day Action Plans

Location: Seoul, Korea
Project Owner: EunJoo Kim, Handok
Facilitator: HongMi Chae, Inpeople Consulting

Gold Awardee

Taiwan Active Aging Association
Dialogue With Time in Taiwan

Location: Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C
Project Owner: Yang Chih-liang, Ph.D.
Facilitators: Jorie Wu, CPF; Jackie Chang, CPF; Tara Hsueh, CPF; Vincent Chen (All are part of CP Yen Foundation)

Silver Awardee

Micro-Star Int'l Co., Ltd.
Building a Value Based Culture

Location: New Taipei City, Taiwan
Project owner: Joe CM Lee, Vice President, Micro-Star Int'l Co., Ltd.
Facilitator: Paulina Chu, Lead Facilitator, Chuang Yu Int'l Management Consulting Co., Ltd

Silver Awardee

Ministry of Economic Affairs – Directorate Energy and Environment
From Power to Energy – Preparing a Directorate General of a Ministry for Societal Dialogue

Location: Gravenhage, The Netherlands
Project Owner: Meindert Smallenbroek, Ministry of Economic Affairs – Directorate Energy and Environment
Facilitators: Jan Lelie and Judith de Bruijn

Silver Awardee

Health Private Sector Platform in Togo
Facilitating the Establishment of the Health Private Sector Platform in Togo

Location: Lomé – Togo
Project Owner: Dr. Moïse Kwasivi FIADJOE, Health Private Sector Platform in Togo
Facilitators: Kofi Agbe-Kekeli Kumodzi-Dzevi, Global Excel International

Silver Awardee

York St John University
Enhancing Studies and Practice of the Social Economy in Higher Education

Location: York, United Kingdom
Project Owner: Professor Karen Stanton, Vice Chancellor, York St John University
Facilitators: Catalina Quiroz Niño, Margaret Meredith, York St John University

Brighton Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College
Working-Together Better  - BHASVIC Embraces Participatory Leadership

Location: East Sussex, UK
Project Owner: Chris Thomson, Brighton Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College
Facilitators: Sean Blair, ProMeet

Gold Awardee

City of Birmingham
From Tragedy to Triumph: A Letter From Birmingham

Location: Birmingham, AL, USA
Project Owner: Mayor William Bell, City of Birmingham
Facilitators: Joel Mills, Communities by Design, American Institute of Architects

FMC Technologies, Inc.
Engineering Process Definition

Location: Houston, TX; USA
Project Owner: Randy Wester, FMC Technologies, Inc.
Facilitator: Charles Jessup, FMC Technologies, Inc.

Silver Awardee

University of Wisconsin; Office of Quality Improvement
Two Decades of Facilitation Impact

Location: Madison, WI; USA
Project Owner: Maury Cotter, Office of Quality Improvement, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Facilitators: James Gray, Darin Harris, Bruce Harville, Daniel Koetke, Kathy Luker, Kathleen Paris, Nancy Thayer-Hart, Lori Scroggs, George Watson, Ann Zanzig

Minnesota Child Custody Group
Minnesota Child Custody Dialogue 

Location: Minnesota; USA
Project Owner: Minnesota Child Custody Group
Facilitator: Miki Kashtan, Center of Efficient Collaboration