IAF Romania

The Romanian chapter has been created after some contacts made with the leads provided by IAF. We grew very fast and we have 15 romanian facilitators as members.

We organise events and workshops trying to develop our skills and competences as facilitators. We also practice and share new aproaches and methods that can improve our results.

Our Objectives:

- Promote facilitation in Romania
- Develop the skills and competences of facilitators


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Contact us : Bogdan Grigore (IAF Chapter Lead)


Next events 

International Week of Facilitation - 19-25 of octomber 2020

1) Introduction to Online Facilitation  -
delivered in Romanian

Facilitators: Bogdan Grigore & Ana M. Marin
When: 20 of octomber, 10 am EEST (GMT + 3)
For Details and sign up form press here

2)  Facilitation Lighting Talks - delivered in English

Facilitators: Bulent Duagi & Mihaela Danciu
When: 22 of octomber18.00-19.30, EEST / 17.00-18.30, CET.
For Details and sign up form press here

3) Open Space for Leadership - delivered in Romanian

Facilitators: Mihaela Danciu & Bogdan Grigore
When: 23 of octomber : 10:00-11:30, EEST / 9:00-10:30, CET
For Details and sign up form press here