Facilitation Hall of Fame

About the Facilitation Hall of Fame


The Facilitation Hall of Fame is a prestigious award that celebrates people whose contribution to the facilitation profession is exemplary.

We call for nominations every 2 years.



To be eligible to nominate someone, you must:

  • be an IAF member in good standing
  • have been a member for at least 12 months when nominations close.

The person you nominate (the nominee) may or may not be an IAF member.

The Board of Directors and Facilitation Hall of Fame Committee members are not eligible to be nominated or to nominate others.

Criteria and evaluation

    The criteria are the nominee has:

    1. Made significant contributions to the facilitation profession.
    2. Added to the body of knowledge of facilitation.
    3. Been recognised as a skilled professional facilitator.
    4. Shown a high level of dedication and service to the IAF.

    To be considered for induction into the Facilitation Hall of Fame, the evidence you provide in the nomination must demonstrate the nominee has made:

    • a world-class contribution for criteria 1 and 2, or
    • an outstanding or world-class contribution for all 4 criteria.

    The Facilitation Hall of Fame Committee evaluates nominations.

    The Board of Directors considers the committee’s recommendations and decides who to induct. The Board’s decision is final; there is no appeal process.

    Nominations are open


    Nominations are open and will close on Wednesday 31 July 2024.

    To learn more about nominating someone, join us for an information session on Monday 10 June or Tuesday 18 June from 12:00 to 13:00 UTC. 

    To nominate someone:

    1. Download and complete the nomination form.
    2. Get letters of support for the nomination from 2 other IAF members.
    3. Email your completed nomination form and letters of support to office@iaf-world.org by the closing date.

    Sorry, we will not accept incomplete or late nominations.

    Inductees will be announced in October 2024.

    For more information, contact Rebecca Sutherns at vice.chair@iaf-world.org.



    Hall of Fame inductees

    Congratulations and thank you to our Hall of Fame inductees. 


    • Cameron Fraser CPF|M
    • Gary Austin CPF|M
    • Nathaniel Cadwell CPF
    • Simon Wilson CPF|M
    • Roger Schwarz


    • Sharon Almerigi
    • Jim Campbell
    • Maureen Jenkins
    • Pamela Lupton-Bowers
    • Tony Nash
    • Ruth E. Nicholson
    • Ng Choon Seng
    • Penny Walker

    Read the full announcement. 


    • Kimberly Bain
    • Janet Danforth
    • Barbara Mackay

    Read the full announcement. 


    • Nel Mostert (Europe, Middle East & North Africa)
    • Carol Sherriff (Europe, Middle East & North Africa)
    • Dorothy Strachan (Canada)
    • Michael Wilkinson (USA)

    Read the full announcement. 



    • John Butcher (Canada)
    • Malin Moren (Europe, Middle East & North Africa)
    • Larry Philbrook (Asia)
    • Rhonda Tranks (Oceania)
    • Sunny Walker (USA)


    • Nadine Bell (USA)
    • Gilbert Brenson-Lazan (Latin America & the Caribbean)
    • Ann Epps (Asia)
    • Martin Gilbraith (Europe, Middle East & North Africa)
    • Jo Nelson (Canada)
    • Theresa Ratnam-Thong (Asia)
    • Keith Ryall (Oceania)
    • Dr. Sandor Schuman (USA)
    • Bill Staples (Canada)
    • Dr. Tom Schwarz (Oceania)

    Click here for the biographies of Hall of Fame inductees for 2014 and 2015.