IAF Global Flipchart

About the Global Flipchart

The IAF Global Flipchart is the quarterly magazine for the community of practice of facilitators worldwide. It provides: 

  • tips, tricks and resources for members' individual facilitation practices;
  • stories and assistance to overcome tricky situations in facilitation;
  • contributions to the further development and innovation of the field of facilitation; and 
  • ideas to widen the movement and help members build their facilitation business and impact. 

Each issue of the Global Flipchart focuses on a theme of interest for the field of facilitation. In the past, this has included: 

  • innovation in facilitation;
  • facilitation worldwide; 
  • facilitative leadership; 
  • and others. 

The Global Flipchart is published in January, April, July, and October. Contributions from IAF members are welcome. The deadline for contributions is 10 December, 10 March, 10 June, and 10 September respectively. 

The Global Flipchart is produced by a team of volunteers from all regions.