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Global Flipchart #10



January 2018
| Issue #10


About this issue

The IAF Global Flipchart is the International Association of Facilitators’ quarterly members publication with tips, tricks and resources for your individual facilitation practice and ideas to help you build your facilitation business and impact. 

In this issue, we explore endings and new beginnings as we look back on our successes of 2017 and what we want to achieve in 2018.

Charlotte Ditlov Jensen shares four key lessons she’s learned working with the Danish Alternative party, facilitating their political processes, and training 50 volunteers in facilitation.

Alicia Lanier shares her experience of convincing some reluctant scientists to end old meeting practices and begin participatory group processes. Read how this geographically dispersed, interdisciplinary group overcame communication barriers and met the goal of their 5-year project.

Cameron Fraser tells the story of the relationship between virtual and face-to-face facilitation, from its tumultuous beginning of often unreliable and expensive software to the current programmes that can shave hours off a session. Learn how a blended approach can reap much better results.

Hector Villarreal shares an interesting lesson about taking on new projects and recognising when you need to make a tough decision to end a project before it even begins.

Martin Farrell gives us a tour of the Methods Database, showing us the benefits of this resource, its many features, and its thriving community.

And we have plenty of news from the world of the IAF and beyond.

Join in! 

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Upcoming issue

Our next topic is Process Design - we’d love to hear your stories, reflections and any suggestions on what you’d like to see in the next Global Flipchart. The deadline for contributions is 10 March 2018.

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Wiebke Herding, Editor of the IAF Global Flipchart 
and the entire Editorial Team of the IAF Global Flipchart