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Global Flipchart #10



January 2018
| Issue #10

Methods Database – find and share facilitation methods

By Martin Farrell

Many years ago, IAF member Jon Jenkins had a vision. He saw facilitators sharing their knowledge, skills and wisdom. And he decided to make this vision a reality. He and others worked together to collect the best methods around and put them into a database so they could be used to promote the power of facilitation worldwide.

That vision lives on. All those methods and more are now waiting for you on a brand new platform developed with IAF partner SessionLab. There you’ll find a searchable library of 500 methods, and every single one has been reviewed and refreshed over the last year. Go ahead and check out the renewed IAF Methods Database.

Members-only methods

Although there are a few methods which are publically available, the majority are for members only. You can access the members-only methods by signing in with your IAF membership credentials. If you have an existing SessionLab account, you can connect it to your IAF account. More on how to connect your IAF and SessionLab accounts.  

Session planning tool

Aside from access to all 500 methods, members can also access the session planning tool when logged in. The first time used it I was hooked. It’s far easier than the clunky old way I used to do my session plans! Better still, I can share and co-create sessions with my clients. They like it. So do I!  

What else does the Methods Library offer?

The Methods Library is live and always changing - you can bookmark your favourite methods, search for what you need, comment and rate existing methods. When you submit new methods into the database you’ll be recognised as a contributor to the global facilitation community.

The future of the Methods Library

The database will serve many facilitators for years to come. And working together to create this revived platform has been a magnificent learning opportunity for all of us involved in it. One member of the team, Farah Shahed, said: "The Content Quality  review [of methods] has enriched me tremendously and has contributed to my facilitation learning journey. It has been an extraordinary opportunity to contribute invisibly to the IAF community worldwide along with my other colleagues."

Want to be part of the adventure? We are now looking for two or three moderators for 2018 to check new methods and further enrich the database. Contact to get involved.

Much appreciation to the methods quality review team: Jennifer Otitigbe, (USA), Jo Nelson (Canada), Farah Shahed (India) Ulla Wyckoff Tomlinson (Jamaica), Tamara Eberle (Canada), Lisa Baril (Canada) and Elizabeth Mcdonnell (UK).