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Global Flipchart #10



January 2018
| Issue #10

IAF calendar and updates

New IAF board takes office

On 1 January, the new IAF Board of Directors has taken office. We are welcoming the following new directors: 

  • Keith Ryall, Secretary
  • Mia Liljeberg, Director of Communications
  • Jeffer London, Director of Marketing and Partnerships
  • Gillian Chambers, Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean

Trevor Durnford is becoming the new Chair; Mara Svenne is filling his shoes as Vice-Chair. We are saying farewell to Noel EK Tan, our outgoing Chair, and Wiebke Herding, former Director of Communications. 

Annual review

Read the annual review of the IAF Africa region. 

A new chapter

From January 2018 you will only be able to join one home chapter.

Why the change? In the past, members have been able to join multiple chapters, and this has created some challenges for those who govern the chapters, so the new policy makes it much clearer:

  • where you can vote for your local board
  • how many members there are in each chapter 
  • where you can volunteer
  • which chapter board you can join

Guest membership. We know many of our members work in different geographical areas and are interested in working with other chapters. That’s why we’re working with chapter leads to develop a guest membership, creating new opportunities to work with other chapters. This is part of a wider review of chapter workings this year.

Do you have a vision of how guest membership or chapters could work better? We’d like to hear your ideas - you can contact your chapter lead or myself on


Dirk Wouters
IAF Director of Membership and Chapters

IAF Conferences

Have you been to an IAF conference this year? Let us know how it was!
Next year, we are looking forward to: 

Other events

Upcoming CPF assessments

You can still apply for the following CPF assessment events scheduled for 2018:

  • 2-3 May 2018: Ottawa, Canada
  • 22 May 2018: Melbourne, Australia

See all CPF events in 2018

If you are looking to become an IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator, find out about the application process now!