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Global Flipchart #11



April 2018

Facilitation resources online

Compiled by Van Lai-DuMone

Once the process and purpose of a meeting become clear, it’s time to design the details of the agenda. How will you open the meeting? What methods do you want to use to encourage participation? How can you help the group reach meaningful results in their time together?

Of course, the IAF Methods Library is always a great inspiration. In addition, we’ve found the following online resources useful to freshen up our facilitation and keep learning.

Development Impact & You |

The DIY Toolkit compiles tools and methods grounded in theories and practices of innovation, design, and business development. It was created for the international development community, with a focus on social innovation. It’s easy to navigate, and each tool comes with a worksheet, explanation and video description.

Improv Encyclopedia |

A website cannot replace training in improvisation techniques - and yet, this compilation provides games, warm-ups and other methods based on principles of improv. Great for groups looking for more fun and better listening and collaboration.

Workshop Bank |

A comprehensive source of facilitation methods, broken down by subject, group size, and time allocation. The website also provides slide templates for many activities and describes the step-by-step process.

Gamestorming |

Gamestorming explores the use of visuals and games to co-create innovative solutions. Also available as a book by Dave Gray, Sunni Brown and James Macanufo, the website includes games for fresh thinking, decision-making and other situations.

Franklin Covey - Mission Statement Builder |

Mainly an online tool, the simple question and answer format to design a personal, family or team mission statement can be used as a questionnaire for clients prior to an engagement to gauge values.

Seeds for Change |

A list of methods compiled by the UK-based facilitation cooperative Seeds for Change, with a focus on enabling participation, trust-building and prioritisation.

Liberating Structures |

Also available as a book, this selection of 33+ alternative structures for facilitating meetings and conversations is curated by Henri Leipmanowicz and Keith McCandless.

Learning for Sustainability |

This website compiles useful toolkits and guidance for facilitators from a variety of public sector sources. Also includes tips to document meetings, and host online meetings, and conduct participatory research.