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Global Flipchart #11



April 2018

Upcoming events and conferences 


Upcoming Webinars

IAF Quick resource: An introduction and practical guide to the IAF Methods Library
Wednesday 11 April, 4pm Mumbai Time - Register

CPF Webinar "What’s involved in attaining the CPF accreditation" 
Wednesday 18 April, 5pm Tokyo - Register
Wednesday 25 April, 5pm Beijing  - Register

IAF & IIBA Webinar:  BusinessData Modeling Made Easy 
Presenter: Gary Rush
Monday 23 April, 6pm New York Time - Register

Global Flipchart Panel: "What is your process when designing a session?" 
Wednesday 9 May, 1pm New York time - Register

Join us in Ottawa in May 2018

The IAFNAC 2018 planning committee is thrilled to be announcing the Pre-Conference Executive Programme and the Conference Programme. There are 22 innovative and creative workshops to Expand Our Facilitation Horizons, focusing on the philosophy of facilitation, facilitation for the world,  facilitation in the digital era, and facilitation with and for other professions. The conference agenda also provides many opportunities to share insights, experiences, and knowledge with fellow facilitators. IAF Members receive discounted conference rates. To register as a Member please log into your IAF account before navigating to the conference registration page. If you know of potential sponsors or have any questions about the conference, contact Sarah Stockton at We look forward to welcoming you to Ottawa!

Register now!

IAF Asia Conference in Japan

IAF Japan is busy preparing for the 21st IAF Asia Conference in Osaka, Japan on 9 September 2018. This year’s conference will focus on “Co-creating learning communities: bridging the boundaries within and between groups”. The call for proposals has officially closed and official registration is expected to open late April. A reminder to all our members that spaces are limited for the conference, so please do register early. Find out more

Africa conference

Africa Facilitation Conference will take place this year in Mombasa, Kenya, 17-20 October. The call for proposals is now open. There is also an all-day Kenya Facilitators Dialogue on Saturday 12 May. For more information, email

IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator Assessments in 2018

Thinking of becoming a CPF this year? The 2018 assessment schedule for the IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator programme has been published - upcoming dates are below. See the full schedule for 2018.

  • 15-16 June 2018 - Shanghai, China (Marndarin)
  • September 2018 - Osaka, Japan (English)
  • 29-30 September - Atlanta, USA (English)

IAF so close to winning an award for the Global Flipchart!

Our quarterly Global Flipchart was shortlisted for the Best Association E-Newsletter award! Maybe we’ll have better luck next time.

Regional news

The IAF Asia region is happy to welcome two news chapters to the IAF family - Philippines and Indonesia. IAF Philippines has started the formalities of creating a legal non-profit entity while the IAF Indonesia group is busy kickstarting its initial activities. Thank you to the leadership teams of both chapters and look forward to integrating all the members into regional and global IAF activities.

EuViz 2018 Conference

Every summer, hundreds of visual practitioners and their big pens gather somewhere in the world for the IFVP (International Forum of Visual practitioners) annual international conference. This year, EuViz 2018 is taking place in Rungstedgaard, Denmark, from 30 July – 3 August.

EuViz is designed to ‘energise the field, reflect and embrace its full potential’. Breakout and plenary sessions will be themed around four areas, so you can focus on facilitation or widen your expertise:

  • Craftsmanship
  • Facilitation
  • Leadership
  • Positive change & Social Innovation

Why come to EuViz?

  • It’s an opportunity to add more ‘tools to your toolkit’
  • You’ll have the space and time to explore innovative, visual-led methodology and develop your hand-drawn and digital visualisation skills
  • Sessions from leaders in the field will complement the diverse break-out sessions, focusing on different areas of practice and experience
  • You’ll make valuable connections with visual practitioners from across the world and extend your own offer and range of methodology
  • You’ll grow your confidence and drawing skills. Evidence shows that the majority of people are visual-learners
  • You’ll learn how to be an effective visual practitioner. The conference brings together practitioners from across the world with diverse experiences, this cross-fertilisation of culture and expertise provides a unique experience to learn and practice
  • You can go wild at the Neuland, equipment and book shops
  • You’ll have fun! (Did we mention the Sparkle Party?)

Who is it for?

  • Graphic recorders / scribes / doodlers / sketchnoters
  • Facilitators / coaches / change managers / project managers / educators / leaders/ thought leaders

Get involved

  1. Book a ticket to come to EuViz! 
    IAF members get a 10% discount on the ticket price.
  2. Host a table at our World Café session
    Mirjami Sipponen-Damonte and I will be co-leading a World café session, focusing on the different styles of World Cafés and how graphic recorders capture the feed-back. The World Café methodology is a simple, effective and flexible format for hosting large group dialogue. It is this flexibility that we will be focusing on, with the session investigating the group’s World Café experiences and how the space, timing, audience and purpose has influenced the format. We hope to explore ways facilitators manage the harvest feedback and the scribe graphic record. To host a table or find out more: email
  3. Meet visual practitioners in your area
    The visual facilitation field is growing across sectors, with specific work area and country groups being set up – through the IFVP website you can source connections and more information.

Fran O’Hara is MD & Creative Director of the Scarlet Design Group, a strategic thinking, design, training and visual facilitation company based in Cardiff, UK. With 20+ years’ experience, Fran is an award-winning visual story-teller, facilitator, specialising in designing and delivering innovative engagement materials, activities and events.

Disney-trained, Fran works with organisations to identify their stories and co-create innovative, accessible tools which communicate effectively with audiences - both on and off-line, and in hand-drawn and digital formats. She uses visual-led and processes to bring clarity and enable people to see the ‘big picture’, fresh ideas and solutions. To further enhance performance and thinking, Fran offers a range a visual facilitation training courses.| 02921 660 798 | +44 (0)7780 675 352 | @fran_ohara