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Global Flipchart #14


January 2019
| Global Flipchart #14

2018 In Review

As 2018 draws to a close and 2019 opens up before us, it’s a perfect time to reflect on the progress we have made look forward to the year ahead.

I have been chair of the IAF board for 12 months now and have had the privilege of working alongside some wonderful colleagues. Sadly, several of them are now stepping down to make way for newly elected members. We all are indebted to the energy and commitment they have contributed in strengthening the IAF. In particular, I would like to thank…..

Tony Nash, our treasurer. The IAF is in a very strong position financially allowing us to invest in a range of initiatives that will provide regions and chapters to promote the power of facilitation further in the future. We can also begin planning for a global conference in 2020 – something that would not be possible without solid finances. Our last two conferences have both been revenue generating and Tony has ensured that we remain strong.

Cameron Fraser, our Professional Development Director. Cameron has overseen significant changes in the CPF pricing structure which has given financial viability of the programme and also allowed us to increase the assessors fees which have remained unchanged for many years. Cameron has also been the leading light in sponsoring and overseeing the development of our Professional Development Path – a radical enhancement to our accreditation offering which will create even more value to our members. There is still more to be done but the foundation that has been put in place will, I’m sure, attract even more interest in our association. Also during Cameron’s tenure, we have seen CPF events run in Mandarin, Japanese and Polish.

Mara Svenne, our Vice Chair, whose encyclopaedic knowledge of our policies, principles and board operating procedures are second to none. Mara has been a key player in building partnerships with other organisations and overseeing our elections and AGM which had record participation this year.

Don Kerper, or simply ‘The Don’ has been our Regional Director for the USA. As well as sustaining a strong presence in his region, Don was also a key player in turning the Facilitation Impact Awards from an initiative to one of the association’s recognised programmes. Most recently, Don has lead a project looking at the feasibility of offering corporate memberships. The ground work will be invaluable to in our efforts to seek alternative sources of income I’m sure.

John Cornwell, our Regional Director for Africa has done a marvellous job in flying the IAF flag in that emerging region. John has not only enabled phenomenal growth in new members and the creation of new chapters but has also created a positive spirit that resulted in two candidates from Africa being elected onto the board  this year: Kofi Kumodzi and Materne Bossou both from Togo.

And finally, from Finland, Mirjami Sipponen-Damonte who will be stepping down as Regional Director for the Europe and Middle East region. This region has shown how vibrant and connected Chapters can really ensure our association thrives especially in a region with such a vast array of languages. Half of the association’s chapters are based in this single region. Prior to becoming Regional Director, Mirjami was Chapter Co-ordinator for the region and the legacy she leaves behind is a model that can really help us thrive worldwide.

So once again, a huge thankyou to you all.

In January 2019 we will be holding our annual face to face board meeting where we will be building our strategic plans that ensures we sustain the progress we have made especially in the areas of the IAF’s Professional Development Path, mentoring, helping the chapters and members to become ambassadors for the profession and holding a memorable global facilitation conference in 2020. We will also be welcoming new board members from Australia, Togo, Portugal, Italy, UK, USA and India – a truly global board.

A final thankyou goes to the Global FlipChart team and in particular to the current editor, Wiebke Herding, who has done an incredible job in making the GFC so valuable to our members. Wiebke is stepping down from this role and so we are actively looking for someone to step in and carry the GFC baton. Please let us know if this is something you would like to help with.

I wish you all a prosperous New Year and hope that the difference you make in the world through facilitation continues to flourish.

Trevor Durnford
IAF Chair