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Global Flipchart #18



April 2020

About this Issue

The IAF Global Flipchart is the International Association of Facilitators’ quarterly members publication with tips, tricks and resources for your individual facilitation practice and ideas to help you build your facilitation business and impact.

Rallying in Uncertainty

Responding to The Great Pause

The thing that has always struck me about the IAF is the entrepreneurial generosity. It was never uncertain to me that during the wake of a global crisis you could connect to LinkedIn and see offerings of free webinars, tips and articles, and even shout-outs to those struggling. This group of people from all corners of the world leans in to uncertainty and rallies with each other despite needing help themselves. Giving to the whole is better for the parts. That is the power of the IAF. They #showup and they rally.

Things are paused. They are uncertain. They are not the same. And how we respond to this complexity gives us insight into our character. After spending some time working with the complexity sciences, I have come to understand that it isn’t about “adapting” as organisations and governments suggest. We aren’t just changing or pivoting…. We are creating meaning together. The action is in the interaction. We aren’t talking about sender-receiver here where the virus says to stay home and we just do that. We respond. We choose what we do with this time. We make it meaningful.

And so I have curated some responses for you to reflect over during this Great Pause in the world from your brilliant and engaging colleagues. Continue to #showup dear friends!

 This Global Flipchart focuses on:

  • The Art of Equanimity by Barbara King
  • Sweden’s Response: a video postcard by Jonas Roth Sjöblom
  • Collective Creativity by Van Lai-DuMone
  • How a Community Rallies in Uncertainty by the Transformer himself, Adeniyi Aromolaran
  • Zoom Dynamics, not Mechanics by Rebecca Sutherns
  • Chapter India rallies! An interview with Narsi
  • On Virtual Meetings, Jazz & COVID-19
  • Hope for Teams in Troubled Times with Jeffer London
  • Facilitating in the Face of Fear by Melissa A. Matthews
  • Timing it just Right by Rebecca Sutherns
  • The best podcast to complement this curation of articles

You may have heard by now that the Global Facilitation Summit team has responded to the global uncertainty by shifting the F2F conference dates in Stockholm until 2021. As Chair of the Summit, we look forward to showing up in other ways and making the journey to 2021 as meaningful as possible.

A big shout-out to those that rallied for this Flipchart! And those that dedicated evenings and weekends to the Summit. You inspire me.


Christina Hogan,
Editor of the IAF Global Flipchart