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Global Flipchart #18


April 2020

How a Community Rallies in Uncertainty

Adeniyi Aromolaran

"How a community rallies in uncertainty" is my theme most especially in the present times wherein we find ourselves with the COVID-19 Pandemic, the whole World is affected and challenged.

No nation, City, Towns, Village nor the remotest Hamlet anywhere in the World is safe for anyone to run and be safe from the Pandemic.

It is the first time in History that the World Economic System is in Lockdown in PEACE TIME.

It is, therefore, my pleasure and honour as a Member of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) from Lagos, Nigeria, Africa to offer Insights with "How, What, When and Where To Do" Action Points. And these can be a guide for any community.

First let us understand, accept and appreciate that a Community is a group of two or more people, organised by shared, combined or joint beliefs, faith or vision. 

And a community or set of Communities will do well to refer to this simple steps by rallying:

1: Their resources: These Resources include but are not LIMITED to Emotional, Mental (Reasoning capacity to come up with Solutions), Financial, Facility (Structures), Physical (Supplies, be it food, clothing etc),Professional Expertise and Spiritual Resources.

2: To Breakdown ALL Boundaries that LIMIT Integration, dependence, reliance, openness and fairness, such as Gender, Religion, Colour, Race, Ethnicity, Social Status, Discrimination and Position. All of these are to be Relegated, Removed and Dissolved.

3: To establish a Simple Agreed and Structured Process and System for Bringing together Resources, their Utilisation, Deployment, Accountability, Evaluation/Measurement of Impact and Replacement is set up quickly

4: Finally Communities rally in time of Uncertainty by requesting and setting up a group of professionals to serve as Recovery Advisors,  Counsellors, Coach and Mentors

Everything a Community or set of Communities will do to rally at times of uncertainty should be built or expanded around the above four key points.