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Global Flipchart #18



April 2020

Punchy podcast

To complement the articles in this month’s flipchart:

Haven’t had a chance to fall in love with Brené Brown yet? Take the chance during whatever kind of physical distancing you are being asked to practice. The first episode is called FFTs… let’s let Brené explain that but this edition of the Global Flipchart is dedicated to everyone that is hurting, lonely, and needs some unlocking. Here’s to hoping someone is holding your hand. 




What If? The Life Changing Power of Curiosity and Courage | Van Lai-DuMone | TEDxCitrusParkWomen

And watch one of our IAF member’s exciting new TEDxTalks, Van Lai-DuMone! Woohoo Van!

By the way, the IAF has a YouTube channel of its own that you need to check out. Starting with

the creative and diverse roots of our members.

Becoming a Facilitator: How We Came to Facilitation and the IAF