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Global Flipchart #19



September 2020

Towards a new new Professional Development Path

Written by Gerardo de Luzenberger
Director of Professional Development

The pandemic and lockdown have had a strong impact on the way IAF's professional development activities are managed, and 2021 will be a year of great news for the whole area of professional development of the IAF.

The first major update is the completion of the new professional development path with the opening of the IAF Endorsed™ Facilitator designation. In 2021 the IAF Professional Development Path will consist of:

1. Member

2. Mentoring programme

3. IAF Endorsed™ Facilitator

4. Certified™ Professional Facilitator

5. Certified™ Professional Facilitator | Master

6. Certified™ Professional Facilitator | Emeritus

With the new Professional Development Path the IAF will be able to offer members a wide range of online opportunities both in terms of growth and professional recognition. 

The second important update concerns the CPF evaluation process. For many years the IAF has been exploring the possibility of offering the full CPF assessment online. We have now developed a robust and reliable online assessment process that ensures the highest quality standards set by the International Association of Facilitators. The existing CPF model now includes a Stage 2 online synchronous assessment in which the two candidate interviews and the observation of the candidate preparation and facilitation of a workshop are conducted fully online.

While offering members the opportunity to engage in a fully online assessment process, the IAF will continue to offer the possibility of F2F assessments several times per year in conjunction with IAF conferences and events organized worldwide.

The third update is the reopening of the Endorsement of Training Programmes on facilitation.

We have worked to change the management of the EFTP - Endorsed™ Facilitation Training Programme, with the aim of making it easier to understand for training organisations, and its management easier to apply and more agile.

The fourth and last update concerns the IAF methods library. We have just started a project aimed at enhancing the value of this important resource for our association, and to promote the exchange of experiences and ideas on how to use these methods in our work.

For more information please visit our website.