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Global Flipchart #20



March 2021

About this Issue

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging!

Thriving by including the diversity of perspective!

Truth be told, facilitators everywhere are a bit busy these days. Maybe they are designing and delivering, maybe saving their businesses, or maybe learning something new or maybe even actively participating in helping others have a voice. Whatever the reason, at the top of the year, we had too few submissions for a global flipchart that could speak to true diversity of perspective. One ping later, there were 15 articles in progress and emails from all over the world asking if they could contribute. Overwhelming and wonderful. These topics are close to heart and close to mind these days. As they should be. And it is warming to hear so many in their work bring these questions to the table. If you need the energy to continue, let these articles inspire you. Want to get more involved? Reach out to the Special Interest Group for Social Inclusion Facilitators

This Global Flipchart focuses on:
Each article is between a 2-7 minutes read

  • Systemic racism and the challenge for IAF facilitators in 2021 by Basil Manning 
  • Leveraging Diversity for Better Group Outcomes by Lise Hebabi 
  • Reaction videos: a form of visual feedback for social inclusion by Sundeep Mohandas 
  • Intercultural Creativity™ for the World of Today and the Work of Tomorrow by Genein Letford 
  • Developing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within IAF by John Cornwell, Basil Manning and Monica Atim 
  • Embracing All Differences by Alejandro Cabral 
  • The Pandemic-a blessing in disguise for expanding Social Inclusion by Shalaka Gundi 
  • From longing to belonging to the IAF-World by Jan Lelie 
  • Inclusion: Care before Content by Lindsay McDonald & Leslie Giddings 
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging by Shyam Iyer & Kala Diwanji 
  • Inclusive Huddles by Decebal Leonard Marin 
  • My epiphany in virtual facilitation by Patricia Nunis 
  • The heart that speaks by Puri Lestari 
  • Best books to binge read
  • Punchy Podcasts
  • About the Special Interest Group for Social Inclusion Facilitators 

Stay tuned for upgrades to the Flipchart in the months to come as well as a call for articles due May 10th about Testing Resilience...until then, happy reading!

Christina Hogan & the team at the IAF’s Global Flipchart