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Global Flipchart #20



March 2021

Inclusive Huddles

By Decebal Leonard Marin

A good way to keep everyone moving in sync is by organizing daily micro-meetings called: ‘’Check-ins’’, ‘’Huddles’’ or ‘’Pulse Meetings’’.

The Daily Huddle keeps teams coordinated and efficient and helps participants get updates on current projects and uncover potential issues as they arise.

Lasting just 5 to 15 minutes, these meetings are one of the important habits for driving team performance. It helps to increase productivity, build trust and respect among team members.

In a frequently used format, each person takes up to one minute sharing:

  1. yesterday’s accomplishments
  2. today’s top priority
  3. obstacles, if any, blocking the progress.

You will be surprised to see, once this information-sharing meeting becomes routine, it organizes both individuals and the organization.