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July 2016
| Issue #4

Community voices on facilitation worldwide

We asked our community on social media if they had any stories and tips to share about culture and facilitation. Is it different facilitating a group in Kenya from a group in Japan or a group in America?

Virginia Gough Hi Julia, great question and one I've often pondered. From my experience there are certainly considerations that need to be planned for when facilitating across cultures. Mostly these can be researched and a critical friend from those cultures if always helpful who can give you a heads up in terms of what’s important. However I find that what’s most important is bringing your own authentic self to the group, being responsive, open and willing to learn.

Seow Bee Leng Greetings from warm Singapore. Having facilitated workshops of as many as 5 different cultures in one session, and to different cultural groups in the region, the key of cultural FIT is an important consideration in the design. Ideas and practices need to be applied in an Asian context --- considering the culture, mindset and upbringing of those within the country. The beauty of the facilitation process is to enable participants to be open, respect each other and shine in the diversity. There are also opportunities to change the conversation through process facilitation to allow the cross-pollination of the East and West approaches in Singapore. It creates the awesome "wave" of cross-cultural understanding, fosters openness and breeds creative and diverse ideas. The more WE get together.

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