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Global Flipchart


December 2016
| Issue #6

About this issue

The IAF Global Flipchart is International Association of Facilitators’ quarterly members publication with tips, tricks and resources for your individual facilitation practice and ideas to help you build your facilitation business and impact. 

In this issue, we explore Facilitation Impact. 

“Impact” was the key word in the IAF Awards and we followed the nominees and the ceremonies with pride, and asked some of them about the impact facilitation has had on the people we work with. This IAF Global Flipchart brings only a snapshot of what is happening out there with facilitation. Our thanks go to all our contributors that made this issue possible . 

Simon Koolwijk shares his passion about video storytelling as an empowering tool for learning and having dialogue on issues, where bridge building and visualization can make all the difference.  Robert L. Moir raves about the world of 3-D immersive virtual technology, which is bringing people together online to collaborate engage and enjoy it!

Jeffer London reflects on what happened when he gathered forty facilitators at the #IAFEMENA16 conference to share their practices, one of the many Dialogue Experiments he has been facilitating in an investigation into how to get people talking. Rosanna von Sacken sets out to discover whether Coaching and Facilitation are completely different, or whether they overlap and cross-over?

Gary Rush brings “The Facilitation Masters Conversation”, a series of videos to showcase facilitation in many situations and get more people to realize how important facilitation is as a skill set, in many jobs.  Talking about facilitation impact on a large scale Martin Farrell speaks with Salsa Dalallah, who was the Coordinator for UNFCCC (UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Secretariat), leading the organisational team of ‘COP21’ climate change talks in Paris last year. She talks about how they used Indabas, a Zulu tradition of people getting together to resolve a matter: not just re-stating their positions but trying to find common ground.

“Ideas are not enough” – writes Tamara Eberle - to help our groups be innovative, WE have to be innovative in the processes we design for them. Sticky notes are a great tool for capturing and sorting ideas, but we need to push ourselves to develop new tools for innovative thinking.

Finally Kimberly Bain’s words sum up the essence of this issue: “It is the quality of the work that our members do around the world that really makes the difference, and telling and re-telling the multitude of success stories of the power of facilitation is still the best tool we have.”

Join in! 

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Upcoming issue

Our next topic is The Business of Facilitation, exploring career paths, business models and marketing approaches. 

We’d love to hear your stories, reflections and any suggestions on what you’d like to see in the next Global Flipchart. The deadline for contributions is 10 February 2017.


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