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Global Flipchart


March 2017
| Issue #7

About this issue

The IAF Global Flipchart is International Association of Facilitators’ quarterly members publication with tips, tricks and resources for your individual facilitation practice and ideas to help you build your facilitation business and impact. 

In this issue, we explore the business of facilitation

Most facilitators earn money with their practice - as freelancers or in-house, in combination with other services or with facilitation at the core. Some of us offer services to other facilitators as trainers, mentors and coaches.

This issue of the IAF Global Flipchart explores what the business side of facilitation looks like: How can we market our services? How do we build a reputation? And: what shall we charge?

Trevor Durnford tells a story of how facilitators can move from being one-trick-ponies to developing a reputation for effective service for a variety of business situations.

Barbara MacKay shares tips and tricks for facilitators starting their own practice: what do you need to pay attention to with respect to your administration? How do you determine your own prices?

Rebecca Sutherns encourages facilitators to look beyond making money and at the real motivation behind their work: what do you want to grow to develop your dream?

Anja Ebers tells us about her latest experiment in marketing her facilitation services as the outcome, not the practice. She also shares some alternative pricing models that some of you shared in the LinkedIn community.

Jennifer Lumsden reviews the IAF Code of Ethics for clues about how a facilitative approach can shape your business practice.

Sam Bradd explores how facilitators and graphic recorders can work together to market their services and find answers to the pesky question: “So… what is it that you do?”

Rebecca Ejo Colwell explores why authenticity is so crucial for achieving satisfying outcomes from groups, how we might be hindering such honest discussion, and some practical tips to stimulate healthy, lively discussions.

Rosanna von Sacken gives us the inside scoop from the IAF Board face-to-face meeting in Toronto in January, including some fantastic Canadian traditions and a run-down of some very exciting new initiatives being rolled out this year.

A big thanks also to all that contributed to this issue behind the scenes: Julia Goga-Cooke, Monique Walsh and Lucy Boyd.

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Upcoming issue

Our next topic is Facilitation as a Craft, exploring tools and core practices - and ways to get started as a facilitator.

We’d love to hear your stories, reflections and any suggestions on what you’d like to see in the next Global Flipchart. The deadline for contributions is 10 May 2017.

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Wiebke Herding, IAF Director of Communications (
and the entire Editorial Team of the IAF Global Flipchart