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Global Flipchart #9


September 2017
| Issue #9

About this issue

The IAF Global Flipchart is the International Association of Facilitators’ quarterly members publication with tips, tricks and resources for your individual facilitation practice and ideas to help you build your facilitation business and impact. 

In this issue, we explore facilitation and friends and the many connections that facilitation has with related areas of work - ranging from project management, software development to communication and storytelling.

This issue is packed with ideas on how facilitation helps to create powerful change. Learn about skills and methods we can use to harness relationships to think more creatively, surface new ideas, empower people, and lead them toward positive impact.

Héctor Villarreal Lozoya doesn’t just tell us the difference between coaching, facilitation and training, he shows us.

Mary Alice Arthur explains her six perspectives of Story including how leaders can harness storytelling to influence people and drive positive change.

Michael Pounsford and Martin Gilbraith explore how facilitation and communication can be harnessed to lead the big conversation around Digital Transformation.

Gil Broza is on a mission to make the world of software development more effective, humane, and responsible. How? By helping leaders and teams truly adopt the Agile approach. He explains why facilitative techniques are your best tool for instilling the mind-set change needed for successful Agile practices.

Kris McCleary demonstrates why facilitation skills are key to project management success.

Jane Haskell talks us through her pilot project in Maine that proved that a Buddy system can reduce isolation in people who work remotely.

Anja Ebers interviews Mike van der Vijver on Meeting Design and how it complements facilitation.

Rosanna von Sacken gives us an insight into what it’s really like to be a director on the Board.

And we have plenty of news from the world of the IAF and beyond. 

Join in! 

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Upcoming issue

Our next topic is endings and new beginnings.

We’d love to hear your stories, reflections and any suggestions on what you’d like to see in the next Global Flipchart. The deadline for contributions is 10 November 2017.

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