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Global Flipchart #9



September 2017
| Issue #9

What it’s like on the Board

By Rosanna von Sacken, RD, Canada Region

I’ve been on the IAF board since January 2016 as the Regional Director of the Canada Region. If you’re thinking about nominating yourself for a Board position this September, hopefully this will give you an insight into what it’s really like.

What I love about it:

  • Being on the board has given me a “behind the scenes” look into the organisation. As a member, you may not know that there are many dedicated volunteers beyond the board of directors working really hard to keep this professional organisation going.
  • I got to know my fellow board members better; their talents and strengths, their commitment in being a consummate facilitator, and their contributions to the profession.
  • I also gained insights into the broader networking and learning opportunities from every part of the world.
  • It is very gratifying to know that the board’s contributions make our profession and the organisation more valuable on an ongoing basis.

Some of the challenges:

  • Like any volunteer work, you make the job what it is and how you want to shape it. It’s not always easy to find the balance between paid work, home life and IAF work.
  • Most members don’t offer feedback or participate in activities beyond a conference. It’s really important for members to participate in the AGM and global initiatives like the International Facilitation Week (IFW), Facilitation Impact Awards (FIA) or local chapter activities. You can gain so much value for yourself and our organisation by getting involved in IAF committees or working groups to experience.
  • Not having enough time to do everything the organisation wants to do.
  • Having more opportunities to have fun and socialise with fellow IAF members and board members.

How can you help?

There are so many fantastic opportunities to get involved. Step outside your comfort zone and to give back to our IAF community - you’ll be glad you did. There are many ways to contribute, from small specific tasks to bigger initiatives, such as:

  • Making face-to-face connections with fellow IAF members when you travel, for pleasure or for work.
  • Writing an article or acting as part of the editing team for the Global Flipchart or the peer review Journal.
  • Volunteering for specific once-a-year initiatives, like FIA – as an evaluator or a regional representative. There are many roles just in this alone.
  • Volunteering to organise local or regional activities to support the IFW, or promoting and participating in it.
  • Supporting your local chapters by attending and organising activities, or volunteer as a Chapter Lead or Co-Lead.
  • Promoting and educating non-IAF members about the power of facilitation, being an IAF member, and the value of certifying as a CPF.
  • Volunteering in a working group or committee. Check with your regional director for global work teams or smaller work teams.
  • Assisting with the initial phases of organising a local CPF event.
  • Being a member of the Regional Team and assisting with different projects.

Contact your regional director for information about how to do any of these things.

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