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IAF Asia Kuala Lumpur Conference 2019



September 2019

Planning Committee

Greetings to our IAF Family
We welcome you to our land so lovely
Eleven years of waiting longingly
Malaysia is looking forward eagerly
Renewing friendships always a delight
Savoring the platter a definite highlight
Discerning processes for the learning insight
Growing our community to a greater height
2019 IAF Asia Conference
Sharing will be in abundance
A melting pot of confluence
Your presence will be the essence

Conference Planning Committee:

  • Theresa Ratnam Thong
  • Terence Thong
  • Justin Hong
  • Amy Wan Ratos
  • Patricia Nunis
  • Sudeep Mohandas
  • Masitah Babjan
  • Andal Krishnan
  • Alvin Lee Seng Teck
  • Hamidah Marican
  • Putri Juliani Johari


International Association of Facilitators support team:

  • Farah Shahed, Regional Director for Asia
  • Vinay Kumar, Vice-Chair
  • Héctor Villarreal Lozoya, Conferences and Global Events