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IAF North America & Caribbean Conference 2018: Ottawa, Canada

May 2018



Expanding Our Facilitation Horizons

Conference Dates:

Pre-Conference Executive Program, Wednesday, May 2nd & Thursday, May 3rd

Conference, Friday, May 4th & Saturday, May 5th 

Conference Location:

Ottawa Marriott Hotel, 100 Kent Street Ottawa

What will you learn, share, and take a deep dive into at IAFNAC 2018?

  • Philosophy of Facilitation | What are the philosophical roots of facilitation, and how do they influence our work?

The past influences our work in the present and future! When we take time to look at the philosophies that are the foundation of facilitation, and ask why we do what we do, we can renew our purpose and bring clarity and focus to our practice. We want to provide opportunities to reflect on the philosophies that influence our work in the present.

  • Facilitation for the World | How can facilitators positively contribute to organizations, communities, and the world in transition?

The world is in transition from what was, to what is, to what will be. The roles that people play and the rules that govern groups, organizations, and communities are changing. Currently, our world appears to face many polarized and divisive views. We want to provide opportunities to explore how facilitation can positively impact global needs, can foster dialogue and thinking together, and can help people live successfully and harmoniously within the contemporary transitional world.

  • Facilitation in the Digital Era | How can we enrich our facilitation horizons in the digital era?

Shifts in digital communication, and how we interact with and disseminate information, mean that groups of people can come together without being physically present in the same location. We want to provide opportunities to discuss the impacts of changes in digital communication on theunderstanding and practice of facilitation.

  • Facilitation with and for other professions | How does facilitation aid and support other professions, and how are other professions influencing the practice of facilitation?

Facilitation is frequently used within other professions such as public participation, urban planning, community development, health services, marketing, education, and the list goes on… Facilitators support and enrich these professions and in turn, are influenced by them. We want to provide opportunities to learn and share the benefits and challenges of working with other professions.