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IAF North America & Caribbean Conference 2018: Ottawa, Canada

May 2018


We're very excited to announce the IAFNAC Conference 2018 will be hosted in Canada's capital, Ottawa, Ontario!

Expanding Our Facilitation Horizons

Conference Dates:

Pre-Conference Executive Program, Wednesday, May 2nd & Thursday, May 3rd

Conference, Friday, May 4th & Saturday, May 5th 

Conference Location:

Ottawa Marriott Hotel, 100 Kent Street Ottawa

What will you learn, share, and take a deep dive into at IAFNAC 2018?

The Philosophy of Facilitation | What are the philosophical roots of facilitation, and how do they influence our work?

Facilitation for the World | How can facilitators positively contribute to organizations, communities, and the world in transition?

Facilitation in the Digital Era | How can we enrich our facilitation horizons in the digital era?

Facilitation with and for other professions | How does facilitation aid and support other professions, and how are other professions influencing the practice of facilitation?