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The IAF Global Board oversees the Association's operations and strategic initiatives. We are seeking IAF members who would like to join our global leadership team. 

Do you know someone in the Association that has great leadership potential? Do you have skills and time that you can contribute?

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Thank you to IAF members around the world who helped to spread our "Inspiring Times" messages. We believe the world needs more great facilitators. At every level of society, in every country and region, groups are seeking ways to address complex issues, resolve internal conflicts and make good decisions together. 

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2 days 18 hours ago

RT @FacWeek: Wake up and smell the coffee, it's International Facilitation Week in just over a week from now! #FacWeek

2 days 18 hours ago

RT @AjitWiz: @IAFIndiaOrg have 8 confirmed events during Fac week. 6 more in talks. Celebrating #FacWeek @IAFacilitators #facindia @ICAI @F

1 week 16 hours ago

RT @pconversations: Calling all facilitators! How will you #FacWeek? @FacWeek @MediatorsBB @ncdd @BrdgAllianceUS htt…

1 week 18 hours ago

RT @MaraSvenne: Free event! Hear clients tell their story; how facilitated processes helped transform their organization.

1 week 18 hours ago

RT @FacWeek: How to celebrate and promote the power of #facilitation in #FacWeek? Offer free & discounted services to non-profits http://t.…

1 week 18 hours ago

RT @IAFIndiaOrg: So we'll be talking with @SJFBerkeley and @_kavi Joining? :) #FacInd