Benjamin Gaddis

CPF Regular
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United States
Salt Lake City
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Gaddis Consulting, LLC
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Owner -- Consultant, Facilitator, Trainer
Not for profit/NGO
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Facilitation practice
I am a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) helping clients achieve objectives by designing efficient & productive meetings, workshops & other group processes. My facilitation services are especially valuable for strategic workshops (a day or more) & long-term group processes in which I work with a group over a period of time toward achieving a goal. Public involvement & public meetings are also of particular interest to me. I ensure groups stay focused & organized, maintain clarity, & work collaboratively by applying facilitation methods that create structure & direction for the group. For example, meetings I design are driven by the outcomes the group needs to achieve--tangible deliverables, critical decisions, or multi-party agreements. Starting with the meeting’s purposes each agenda item is designed to be a meaningful step toward delivering on those purposes. At the process’s end, participants see how the group process they engaged in resulted in the desired outcomes. Additionally, I provide facilitation trainings, working with clients to prepare them to facilitate their own group processes.