Dr. Penny Pullan

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United Kingdom
IAF Chapter
Making Projects Work Ltd
Job title
Private sector/commercial
Professional languages
English, with subgroups able to work in their own mother tongues and then report back in English.
Facilitation practice
Dr Penny Pullan is a Master Facilitator, with a focus in Virtual and Hybrid Leadership. She’s the author of multiple books, including the bestseller and CEO Today Top 5 book for lockdown: ‘Virtual Leadership: Practical Strategies for Getting the Best Out of Virtual Work and Virtual Teams’. Penny works with leaders and teams who are grappling with the challenges of our virtual and hybrid world, to enhance collaboration and effectiveness across dispersed and often newly formed teams. Over the last nineteen years, Penny has built and rolled out globally her Virtual Leadership model, facilitation tools and visual techniques, achieving stunning results, working with organisations such as Robert Half, Astra Zeneca and the UK Government. Clients say: ‘Penny’s virtual leadership ideas are easy to implement and have transformed my effectiveness and that of my team.’ They find that clarity, connection, collaboration and confidence grow when they apply Penny’s methods. Penny's latest book is 'Making Workshops Work: Creative Collaboration for Our Time' (PIP, 2021) and she also is a co-author of the latest edition of 'Managing Successful Programmes'. Her previous book was the bestseller: 'Virtual Leadership'.