Dr. Thomas Schwarz PhD


Certified Professional Facilitator
First name
Dr. Thomas
Last name
IAF Region
Kinnogene (Aus) P/L
Job title
I'm a 'horizontal facilitator' - sector agnostic
Professional languages
English - and via translators in any other
Facilitation practice
Tom is the Principal of Kinnogene (Aus) – which uses participatory and values based approaches to bring about enduring change and resilience to it's clients. Kinnogene's approach is grounded in the core values and ethics embodied in the IAF Code of Ethics, and are used to develop / deliver custom sustainable transformation journeys to clients, including Adaptive Leadership action learning labs and development/mentoring journeys. Tom is an inaugural IAF 'Hall of Fame' recipient in recognition of his Global contribution to the Profession of Facilitation, and has been invited to provide workshops at International Facilitation conferences regularly since 2004 across Asia, Europe and America. Tom believes in and practices life-long learning e.g. just over the last 10 years was an advanced Psychodrama Trainee with AANZPA Psychodrama - as well as now a keen student of various dance forms (Swing, Blues, Balboa, Contact Improv). All of which involve deep listening , being in the moment and open in our vulnerability as we dance with 'the other'. Tom has also held senior corporate roles (over 20 years with Dec, Apple, HP - Training, Consulting, Sales, Marketing & Strategic Planning – introducing disruptive change.