Jenny Trautman

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Same Page People, LLC
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I work across a variety of sectors - commercial, not for profit and academic.
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Same Page People is a boutique consulting firm for companies who want to visually: define, manage, and execute their strategy; inspire and motivate their people; communicate their story; enable sales; and drive performance.

Our clients bring us in to help them co-create plans, align priorities and gain buy-in that bridges across company functions and reporting levels. We are known for bringing plans to life in an experiential, hands-on, visual way.

Teams don’t always see a vision as clearly as their leaders do. Our visual processes help make plans tangible. This leads to productive big picture thinking, accelerated decision making and a focus on future priorities that condenses months of talking into action. We can’t imagine holding a meeting without a visual guide on the wall and a marker in the hands of every participant.

Our principals have decades of experience as executives at Fortune 500 companies, aligning technology platforms to business functions in media, technology, and software. We understand the complexity involved in technical and business planning and the value in holding conversations at the right level to move an agenda to completion and mobilize people.