Margaret Sullivan

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My practice focuses on helping individuals and organizations to identify, create, and implement a sustainable path forward. Following two decades at a large consulting organization (Accenture) most of my work has been with small to medium-sized organizations (both for profit and for purpose). Recent projects have included helping the client to answer: • How can we work together to create a vision, set appropriate goals, and hold each other accountable for delivering? • What, if anything, do we need to do to continue to evolve our culture? • What leadership skills are needed to more effectively develop and deliver our services to clients? • How can we most effectively deliver on the plan that we’ve established? • Can we make our organization appealing to the next generation? • How can we work together most effectively as a team? In order to complete the work, I rely upon: • facilitation tools • organization development frameworks • design thinking • change management tools • executive coaching skills • conflict resolution approaches • collaboration with colleagues, including bringing them on to projects or working with them to support their projects