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Maria Carrasquillo, CPF is a seasoned facilitator with more than a decade of broad experience in group facilitation, change management efforts, strategic planning, designing and conducting assessment-based programs to her consulting projects. Maria brings years of experience and passion for building consensus, vision, and direction. Maria uses team building and consensus building techniques, as a platform for interactive sessions from strategic planning to board retreats to team building and conflict resolution. Today Maria is taking these experiences and many more and applying them not only to non-profit sectors and community-based organizations but to private industry. The strengths that Maria brings to her clients allow for full participatory facilitation skills that not only results in successful meetings but produces results that will make a difference. Maria is bilingual in Spanish and English and has been able to use her intercultural skills to bridge gaps and bring people together for success. Specialty areas include Strategic Planning, Team Building, Process Improvement, Focus Groups, Public Participation, Leadership Development, Cultural Competency.