Markus Lang

CPF Regular
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Vienna Academy for Organization Development
Job title
Facilitator, Coach, Consultant, Trainer
Private sector/commercial
Professional languages
German and Englisch
Facilitation practice
He is one of the managing directors of the Vienna Academy for Organizational Development and the consulting firm MARKUS LANG CONSULTING. Moreover, he works as facilitator, consultant, executive coach and trainer in the economic sector, the creative industries sector as well as in the cultural sector.

He works as an external facilitator face-to-face and online with groups, project teams and leadership teams in organizations. He helps to raise awareness of the purpose and values of the organizations, as well as to develop the organizational culture. All this serves to raise the highest potentials of the client's organization.

Work and consulting focus: facilitation of strategy-, project- and team-workshops, facilitation of thinking circles, executive coaching, organizational development, trainings in the areas of organizational development, organizational culture change, and agile transformation. He works based on systemic perspectives with the self-organizing energy and dynamics of life in people, teams and organizations. He is particularly interested in innovative forms of facilitation in small and large groups, as well as in dealing with the evolutionary change of organizations.