Michael Stig Orbech (Ørbech)

CPF Regular
First name
Michael Stig
Last name
Orbech (Ørbech)
IAF Chapter
Job title
Public sector/government
Professional languages
English, Danish
Facilitation practice
Michael has a special interest in facilitating and training the competences needed to grow strong leadership teams and other teams in order to respond to complex issues in a changing world. He has been a CPF since 2006. He has 12 years of international facilitation consultancy experience and more than 25 years in total. He has 10 years of management experience from two international consultancy companies. He is the co-founder of IAF Denmark and has held several workshops on international IAF conferences. He is the co-author of three books in Danish on facilitation, team development and conversational leadership including one bestselling from a main Danish publisher. Facilitation experience covers both Public, Private and the NGO sectors. He holds a MSc. and a Master in the Psychology of Organizations. In addition, he is a trained Coach, Psychotherapist (EAPT approved), Eco-therapist, and Council Guide.