Miss Charlotte Jensen

CPF Regular
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IAF Chapter
Municipality of Copenhagen
Job title
Internal consultant
Public sector/government
Professional languages
Danish, English
Facilitation practice
I am dedicated to assisting workgroups in problemsolving and strategizing processes, often adressing ‘wicked problems’, characterized by many stakeholders and complex interrelated issues to be dealt with. With 15 years of experience as an internal consultant in both the private and the public sector in Denmark, I have solid experience working with both project leaders and/or management, assisting in upholding a strong focus on the ongoing process, drawing on my extensive toolbox with elements from the systemic toolbox, strategy implementation, change management, lean and design thinking. My speciality is facilitating communication strategy/execution and stakeholder management. I plan rigorously in order to have a solid platform from where I can improvise and handle the unexpected. My key values as a facilitator and trainer is integrity, coherence and ownership.