Mr. Andrei Kolesnikov

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English, Russian
Facilitation practice
Andrei Kolesnikov, CEO PowerLexis, facilitator, expert on creating presentations and public speaking. IAF CPF. Mentor IAF Global Mentorship Program 2019. Co-creator and leader of facilitation program in Russia (Master of Business Facilitation). 2019 Silver Facilitation Impact Award. IAF Brand Ambassador from Russia since 2019. Regular participant and speaker of Russian and IAF international conferences: 2019 — Brazil (speaker), Malaysia (speaker), Italy; 2018 — Japan, Canada; 2017 — France. He conducts strategic planning and creative sessions, Foresight Fleets, risk sessions and workshops. Andrei leads and implements different projects in private and public sectors. The most large-scale projects are: • The Foresight Fleets 2017, 2018 in Saint Petersburg (regional level), a unique for Russia format of communication between diverse opinion leaders. Сhief constructor, facilitator and team leader (25 facilitators/5 days). • Educational Intensive Island 10-22 (federal level), development of teams of regional universities. Leader of moderators’ team (31 facilitators/12 days). • Working Intensive Winter Island (federal level), development technological teams and companies. Leader of moderators’ team (37 facilitators/4 days).