Mr. Tadashi "Latino" Hirai

CPF Master
First name
Tadashi "Latino"
Middle name
Last name
IAF Region
IAF Chapter
FFE Okinawa
Job title
Public, Private sectors as well as Non-profit
Professional languages
Japanese, English
Facilitation practice
Tadashi Hirai has been facilitating since 2005 in the fields of business, community development and education, etc. In 2006, He facilitated an international meeting with 200 participants using four different languages. He has helped many organizations and local governments with their community development projects by holding more than 200 workshops. He facilitated a team-building workshop between U.S. Navy Faculty Command and Japanese Construction Company in 2009. He contributes to an annual educational program "Asian Youth Development Program (2010 to 2016) " of 60 high school students from 16 Asian countries discussing global environmental/energy issues during three weeks camp in Okinawa. Recently he facilitates many workshops/HR projects in local private companies. Representative, FFE Okinawa (2013 to Present) Former Chairperson, Facilitators Association of Japan (2014 to 2019) IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator 2013 to present Silver Awardee, Facilitation Impact Award 2015 of IAF The World Cafe Community Foundation Stewardship Council, 2017 to 2021 2030 SDGs Game Certified Facilitator, 2018 to present Part-time Lecturer, University of the Ryukyus, 2019 to present