Mrs. Elena Wallen Bjorkenang

CPF Regular
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Wallen Bjorkenang
IAF Chapter
Job title
Professional facilitator
Public sector/government
Professional languages
Swedish, English
Facilitation practice
I started doing facilitation in 2003 as an internal facilitator in a global company. We had a network of facilitators that I coordinated. I left the company in 2008 to run my own business. Continued facilitating with focus on change processes but various sizes of groups and length of assignments. In 2012 I got an employment in an governmental organisation as facilitator. In that group we delivered a variety of assignments, all with facilitation as a basis. We also delivered facilitation training to other state employees. In 2013 I was approved as a CPF in Orlando, and has renewed this once. From 2014 I changed to the IT-sector, where I was a consultant in business development and change management. This gave me opportunities to facilitate many different types of meetings with both management teams and employees. During this period I was also coaching a small group aiming for CPF certification through a learning process. From September 2018 I have been with Lorensbergs in Sweden, a leading company in facilitation and leadership development. We have a great variety of clients so I have many different opportunities to practice and develop my facilitation skills in both public and private sector. In 2020 I won the IAF Facilitation A