Paulo Nunes de Abreu

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Nunes de Abreu
Job title
Public sector/government
Professional languages
English, Spanish, Portuguese
Facilitation practice
Paul Nunesdea is the English author name of Paulo Nunes de Abreu, author and publisher of Architecting Collaboration, a book series about group facilitation.I like to describe myself as a collaboration architect, specialized in creating and nurturing communities of practice, namely in the education and healthcare sectors in Portugal and Spain, where he designs interventions to optimize change within regional and national governments. My unique skill-set is forged along more than 25 years of work experience in several top-executive management positions in different sorts of organizations and job functions ranging from organizational psychology to strategic management. In September 2018, I have started col.lab | collaboration laboratory, where I work with managers, trainers, teachers and group facilitators interested in achieving extraordinary results with group facilitation and digital tools for visual collaboration and group decision-making.