Veronika Wieland

First name
Last name
Wieland and Wieland Ltd.
Job title
managing director
Private sector/commercial
Professional languages
Hungarian, English
Facilitation practice
Since 2001 I have held hundrets of workshops for different sized purpose groups (e.g. Vision creation, Strategy and Decision making, Transition workshop, Collaboration development, Organisational structure desing, Problem solving, Community building etc.). The facilitative approach became my natural way of working and leading. I am a very well experienced trainer, coach and organisational developer and visual thinker as well. I have multinational company background as a training and development specialist and manager. Since 2012 I'm working in my own company in Wieland and Wieland Ltd. I have estabilished a flexible Qualified Facilitator program which is already a trademark in Hungary. It has lots of moduls to develop the facilitator self knowledge, methodological and group dynamics approches. I use lots of different approaches based on my client's goals. My intention is bring to the surface the wisdom of group.