Becoming IAF Endorsed

Becoming IAF EF - Endorsed™ Facilitator

IAF Endorsed™ Facilitator status is given to members who have demonstrated an understanding of IAF core competencies and want to be recognised as knowledgeable facilitators in a wide variety of environments.

An Endorsed Facilitator is a person who has proven to know the fundamentals of facilitation. They work as a consultant, project manager, trainer, coach, part time facilitator independently or within an organization.

Who can apply?

Candidates should demonstrate at least one year of experience as facilitators and should have attended the IAF Mentoring programme.

EF Application and documentation

The application process consists of:

  • an online examination
  • an application form.

Once registered for the assessment, the candidate receives the application form. When the form has been filled in, the candidate is invited to take the online examination.

Once the online examination has been completed, the application form and the results of the examination are sent to an IAF Assessor who, after reviewing them, gives the final assessment and fills in a short feedback form.

Assessment process

The assessment process is based on the information provided by the candidate in the application form and the results of the online examination.

In order to receive the designation, the candidate must have passed the online examination with a minimum of 80% correct answers. The information provided in the application form complements the information derived from the online examination.

Online assessment

The test is designed to test the candidate's understanding of the IAF Core Competencies. It consists of 60 multiple-choice questions, equally divided across the 6 IAF Core Competency areas. The duration of the test is set at 45 minutes. Before taking the exam, the candidate receives all the information necessary to take the test (duration, possibility to skip a question, etc.).

Application form

The application form consists of a first administrative part, a second part containing a short career resume of the candidate, a third part containing information on any training courses attended on facilitation, other courses considered relevant by the candidate to be mentioned, as well as a brief essay in which the candidate is asked to present an example of the meetings they are most frequently asked to conduct.

The assessor is looking for basic adherence to the IAF Core Competencies in the candidate’s work.