The Facilitation Summit 2021: Sprint 1

Keynote by Mark McKergow (recorded by Karin Grönberg

Becoming Antifragile by Mary Alice Arthur (recorded by Assma Basalamah)

Work, Life & Leadership in the Post-COVID Future by Kavi Arasu & Stephen Berkeley (recorded by Karin Grönberg)

Harness Adaptability IQ: LinkedIn’s #1 Skill of 2021 by Jessica Breitenfeld (recorded by Kara Stonehouse)

Scaling Up Engagement & Dialogue by Martin Gilbraith (recorded by Laura O’Grady)

Challenging Facilitation Situations by Roger Schwarz (recorded by Kara Stonehouse)

Leader as Facilitator in a Complex World by Paul Z Jackson (recorded by Karin Grönberg)

Being More Pirate by Catriona Duncan-Rees (recorded by Laura O’Grady)

Fostering Employee Engagement in Strategic Change by Ingrid Bens (recorded by Kara Stonehouse)

From Doing Facilitation to Being Facilitation by Jonas Roth Sjöblom & Sara Sjöblom (recorded by Karin Grönberg)

Fail Gloriously! by Josh Lenn (recorded by Patrick Hernández)

Going Inward to Grow Outward by Aveleigh Gateman (recorded by Laura O’Grady)