The Facilitation Summit 2021: Sprint 2

Perspectives & future trends in remote facilitation by Cheska Teresa (recorded by Nicki Craig)

Collaborative Breakthrough Thinking by Ann Epps & Sandhya Tillotson (recorded by Neha Govil)

Embracing Language Liberation by Nanci Jiménez & Bert Debusschere (recorded by Neha Govil)

Where Are We Now? by Gwen Stirling Wilkie (recorded by Nicki Craig)

How to fail a workshop in three steps by Myriam Hadnes (recorded by Laura Hanek)

Improv to Engage by Izzy Gesell (recorded by Laura Hanek)

The Dialogue Experiments: How to shift narrative patterns in groups by Jeffer London (recorded by Rosanna von Sacken)

The Beginner’s Mindset by Leo Chan & Autumn Norris (recorded by Rosanna von Sacken)

Keynote by Mary Alice Arthur (recorded by Nicki Craig)

Contemplative Facilitation by Michael Stig Ørbech (recorded by Nicki Craig)

The Seven Separators of Great Facilitation by Michael Wilkinson (recorded by Rosanna von Sacken)

Nimble Facilitation: Off Script but Still On Track by Rebecca Sutherns & Jay Reid (recorded by Laura Hanek)

Why Story is the Ultimate Process Partner by Mary Alice Arthur (recorded by Neha Govil)