The Facilitation Summit 2021: Sprint 3

Nudge, Don’t Engage by Hideyuki Yoshioka & Naoko (recorded by Honny & Yoon)

Accessing and Aligning Your Inner Compass by Barbara McKay, Rangineh Azimzadeh, Farah Ismail & Teck Kwang Loh (recorded by Jihyun Lee)

Positive Deviance Approach for Social Innovation by Tatsuya Yamada (recorded by Agah Nugraha Muharam)

The '2030 SDGs Game' and Transformative Facilitation by James Bishop (recorded by Honny & Yoon)

Climate Change Critical Uncertainties by Keith McCandless, Carolina Almeida & Fernando Murray (recorded by Jihyun Lee)

Connect to Collaborate by Jacinta Cubis (recorded by Agah Nugraha Muharam)

A Clearer Picture of Your Purpose by Tim Hamons (recorded by Jihyun Lee)

Keynote by Keith McCandless (recorded by Jihyun Lee)