The Facilitation Summit 2021: Sprint 4

The "FACILE" Recipe by Meilana Lany, Monica Kumalasari & Christina (recorded by Chitra Chandrashekhar)

Agile is global, what can your role as a facilitator be? by Arie van Bennekum (recorded by Amy Nau)

Humanizing Corporate-Speak by Padmakumar Ananthakrishnan (recorded by Tim Hamons)

Bridging Culture & Language Gaps by David Nevin & Yuko Gendo (recorded by Nassareen Sunsern)

Breakthrough Decision-Making by Pepe Nummi (recorded by Amy Nau)

Hold the Space for Possibilities! by Funda Oral (recorded by Tim Hamons)

Hosting Generative Change by Mark McKergow (recorded by Nassareen Sunsern)

Disrupting your facilitation “success formula” by Jimbo Clark & James Bishop (recorded by Tul Lekutai)

Theatrix by Ajit Kamath (recorded by Tul Lekutai)

Human Systems Dynamics by Noel E. K. Tan (recorded by Tim Hamons)