Financial Support Programme


The International Association of Facilitators (IAF) wants members from all regions to have access to IAF credentials.   

The Financial Support Programme (the programme) supports eligible members who:

  • want to apply for an IAF credential
  • have a clear financial need for support to meet the application fee.  

The programme is not intended for members who cannot meet the application fee because they:

  • are in the start-up phase of their business
  • live in a high-income country, as defined by the World Bank, going through a temporary economic downturn
  • have not generated enough income to cover the fee.


Financial support available

The programme is funded from any surplus we make from professional development programmes.

Each year, the Board of Directors decides the amount of funding available and the priorities for the programme.

Successful applicants receive an offer from the IAF to meet 80% of the credential application fee. The offer is valid for 2 years

Successful applicants are responsible for paying the balance of the application fee and any other costs, such as travel costs for a face-to-face CPF assessment event or equipment and internet costs for an online assessment event.

For more information, see Financial Support Programme policy.


Programme outcomes

Since the programme began, 14 members have applied:

  • 8 applicants were eligible 
  • 4 were granted financial support
  • 2 have used the support and achieved the IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator credential.

2022 funding and priorities

The total funding available in 2022 is US$9,000.

Funding available for no more than 3 applicants seeking to apply for a CPF credential. The balance of the funding is available for applicants seeking support to apply for an EF credential.  

Priority will be given to applicants who are under 35 years old and based on:

  • the World Bank income classification of the country where they live
  • total years of IAF membership.



To apply, you must:

  • Be an IAF member in good standing.
  • Have been a member for at least 2 continuous years when you apply.
  • If you are applying for support for the IAF Endorsed™ Facilitator credential, you must have at least one year of facilitation experience.

You can only apply for financial support for one credential in an application round. 

Board of Directors and FSP Team members are not eligible.


Selection criteria

Support to apply for the IAF Endorsed™ Facilitator (EF) credential


Support to apply for the IAF CertifiedTM Facilitator (CPF) credential


  • support the IAF’s Vision, Mission and Values and Code of Ethics
  • are an active IAF member
  • use facilitation in your work
  • demonstrate how you apply IAF Core Competencies in your facilitation practice
  • demonstrate a clear and qualifying need for financial support
  • clearly explain the impact the credential would have on your professional journey.


How to apply

Applications for the 2022 round have closed.


Assessment process

The FSP Team decides the outcome of your application based on:

  • merit and need using your responses to the selection criteria
  • priorities set by the Board
  • the amount of funding available.

FSP team members are IAF Certified™ Assessors.

The FSP Team’s decision is final. There is no appeal process.

If your application is:

  • not successful, you may apply again in future years
  • successful, you have two years to use the financial support.